The Ways These People Cool Down Their Computers Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Overheating computers can be the bane of gamers and heavy computer users alike. Various solutions exist out there but isn’t it better to create your solution? Some folks have come up with some pretty ingenious methods to cool down their computers. As you’d expect quite a lot are from Russia, we love you guys.

The following list is in no way exhaustive, nor is it in any particular order. All of them are absolutely inspired, however. Well done guys, let’s take a look at how some people around the world cool down their computers.

Stick your PC in the freezer

Russians, as we previously mentioned, seemed to have a natural talent for engineering. As you’d imagine they have come up with some inspired methods for cooling down their computers. This example is an inspired one. Simply shove your entire PC inside your freezer. Simple, effective and arguably quite aesthetically pleasing.

This serves to purpose. Firstly it keeps your computer nice and cool and secondly you don’t need to travel too far get your nice cold beverages. Or you might get peckish of course. Awesome a two for one solution. Good work.

[Image Source: imgur]

This works with laptops too

Why limit this ingenious solution to a hulking PC? It works just fine for laptops too. Add in some wireless peripherals and perhaps mount an external monitor on the wall and hey presto, a perfectly cooled down laptop. What we find interesting though is just how hot can their computers get in Russia. It’s not exactly equatorial in climate. Also, we dare to guess at their monthly electrical bills, must be extortionate. Hey ho, who are we to judge.

We suppose you can justify by considering the fact that the open freezer doubles up as an air conditioner for your home. Fair enough. Three for one solution in that case. Good work.

[Image Source: ONGAB]

[Image Source: ONGAB]

Add extra fans

You could do the sensible thing and replace your existing fan with a more powerful one. But why limit yourself to one? This genius decided to take it to the next level. Not limiting themselves to a single fan they decided to replace the entire tower casing with entire “farm” of them. Seems reasonable if you ask us. Plus it doesn’t look too bad either. Nice touch. Classy as well as practical.

We wouldn’t even like to begin to imagine the noise this monster would make. That’s what headphones are for I suppose. Plus you wouldn’t want to leave a lot of loose paperwork around. Perhaps you could get the cost down by installing mini tabletop wind turbines to power them? Hey, who knows.

[Image Source: MacRumors]

[Image Source: MacRumors]

[Image Source: MacRumors]

Make a PC mobile

Here’s a great way some genius has devised to cool down their computers. Everyone knows the problem with cooling is getting enough airflow through the components. This is a problem if you keep all the bits housed in one box or laptop. The obvious solution is to “explode” the computer and hang them from the ceiling. It’s both highly practical and looks like an expensive piece of modern art. Win, win. Why didn’t we think of this? Man, we were even seriously considering the freezer methods, silly us.

This solution also makes upgrading and repairs incredibly easy. Of course, it would likely invalidate your guarantee. Oh well, it looks cool so who cares.

[Image Source: CK101]

[Image Source: CK101]

Add a supercharger

Why limit yourself to your computer’s standard fan, or even bother upgrading it? Bypass all that nonsense by just adding a supercharger cooler to the outside. You could even paint it up to look awesome like this example. This might be considered overkill by some and others simply wouldn’t understand the genius of this solution. Ok, perhaps overkill, but it certainly looks the business, it never fails to disappoint us how far some will go to cool down their computers.

Just look at it! Awesome, fair play.

[Image Source: Raktron]

Make a PC ice-lolly

Fast on the heels of our Russian friends earlier there is this novel solution. Cut down your costs by simply encasing your entire computer in ice. This could turn out to be a one-time solution, but what a way to go. You could, of course, couple this by putting the whole thing in the freezer for a longer term solution. Seems fair.

[Image Source: XAGE]

PC AC unit

Well, well this is an interesting solution some might consider for cooling down their computers. This solution involves providing your precious computer with its very own air conditioning unit. Outstanding. This one is called the water chiller as it is certainly a solution for the most extreme of situations. Apparently, this option lets your PC run at a chilly -5 degrees centigrade. It can even be turned down to -20. Not too shabby.

[Image Source: XAGE]

Mineral oil

Um, ok. If you need maximum cooling for your buck, this might be the solution for you. This chap took an old aquarium, filled it with mineral oil and stuck the computer gubbins inside. Apparently, mineral oil is great for absorbing heat, plus you don’t need to vent it with air. The modder has said that after around 2 hours the temperature settles at a maximum of 84 degrees on the CPU. Interesting solution.

The final word

So there you go. Any of these solutions tempt you? We were particularly impressed with the modern art/mobile solution. It’s incredible the variety of methods some peeps decide to go to cool down their computers. Have you got any suggestions for cooling your computer? Perhaps you’ve seen some equally ingenious methods on your travels? Any crazier solutions you’ve seen from Russia? We’d be very interested to see what you’ve found.

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