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World’s Most Advanced “Combat” Robot

November 11, 2012

Well, combat in the title is within quotes, because Kuratas is made for entertainment and having fun instead of military purposes. We must admit, really big and expensive toy – you may have it for “only” 1,350,000$ (100 mln yenas). And what do you get for your money? A huge, 4 meter tall diesel powered mech warrior built with 4.5 tons of steel and wires. This vehicle has 4 wheels mounted on steel legs, which provides propulsion to the system with a top speed of 6.2mph. The upper half is similar to a human’s chest with two arms and something like a head. You may drive it directly from the pilot deck within the “chest” using the AE V-5100 control system, or by remote control from your smartphone.

The armament consists of twin Gattling guns on the left arm which shoots 6000 ball-bearing pellets per minute. The Lohas launcher imitates an ordinary rocket launcher, but fires bottles of water. Manufacturer designed special pistol-like gun, called KH Gun. And the last two weapons are purposed for close combat. The “Iron crow” has the form of a crow’s leg, and the “Pilebunker” seem to be used for destroying bunkers and fortifications. In addition, the robot is supplied with a carbon shield for better defense.



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