Well, combat in the title is within quotes, because Kuratas is made for entertainment and having fun instead of military purposes. We must admit, really big and expensive toy – you may have it for “only” 1,350,000$ (100 mln yenas). And what do you get for your money? A huge, 4 meter tall diesel powered mech warrior built with 4.5 tons of steel and wires. This vehicle has 4 wheels mounted on steel legs, which provides propulsion to the system with a top speed of 6.2mph. The upper half is similar to a human’s chest with two arms and something like a head. You may drive it directly from the pilot deck within the “chest” using the AE V-5100 control system, or by remote control from your smartphone.

The armament consists of twin Gattling guns on the left arm which shoots 6000 ball-bearing pellets per minute. The Lohas launcher imitates an ordinary rocket launcher, but fires bottles of water. Manufacturer designed special pistol-like gun, called KH Gun. And the last two weapons are purposed for close combat. The “Iron crow” has the form of a crow’s leg, and the “Pilebunker” seem to be used for destroying bunkers and fortifications. In addition, the robot is supplied with a carbon shield for better defense.