10 best websites for electrical engineering students

10 best websites for electrical engineering students

This is part 3 of a three-part series on useful websites. For mechanical engineers click here and for civil engineers – here.

 No need to search for most helpful websites anymore! We compiled a list of 10 best resources for electrical engineers and students to refer to in a case of a problem or simply for news and articles.

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  1. Electrical Engineering Portal

Lots of different articles on electrical engineering, guides to using electrical software, explanations of various theorems and laws and even research papers – a great resource for both students and those already graduated.

  1. ElectroMechanical

If there is something you didn’t understand in class – no worries, ElectroMechanical has got you covered! Choose your area and then a substantial list of various topics will fall out in front of you with audio presentations and simple, easy to understand expanations.

  1. Electrical for you

A study site created by experienced engineers in order to help their fellow colleagues. Whatever your question is, you would probably find an answer on this platform.

  1. All about circuits

As you have already guessed by the name, this site is all about circuits – there are plenty of technical and industry articles, video lectures and worksheets for students and a forum where you could discuss any problem encountered at your studies or work.

  1. Wolfram Demonstrations Project

This site is not only great for electrical engineers but also for students of many other disciplines. Simply choose the subject you are interested in and click on the demonstration of whatever topic you feel unsure about.

  1. Virtual Labs

This site provides remote access to labs in different disciplines of science and engineering and caters mainly to undergrad and postgrad students.

  1. Instructables

If you have known about this site before, then you know how great it is! If not, rush to add it to your favorites – if you want to build something cool these instructions will help you not to ruin anything.

  1. Makezine

An amazing place for the creative minds! If you are thinking of making something yourself or are unsure about a project check this website out – they have lots of various DIY guides and fun projects to do.

  1. Electronics Weekly

Electronics Weekly is a good resource for those looking for industry-related news. There are topics on business, design, products and all of it is directly related to electrical engineering.

  1. Engineering.com

Another incredible site with all sorts of electrical news, articles and posts on the most recent events and topics. Apart from this, the site also has videos, webinars, games and a jobs board to support the growing community of engineers.

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Written by Daria Sergeeva

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