10 of the most useless products ever invented

10 of the most useless products ever invented

While many companies and individuals invent some of the best products since sliced bread, there are others that offer consumers some of the most useless products ever invented. Here we take a look at 10 of them that you may wish to pass over handing out your hard earned money out for.

The Air Conditioned Shoes

ndnlz_24_581273[Image Source: Hydro-Tech]

Hydro-tech says that the air conditioned shoes will help to put freshness back into your step and are excellent for those with smelly feet. The shoes however seem to be no more than standard shoes with holes in them. The company says they have unique filter technology and they can be purchased from Fancy.com for $70.

The iPotty

zisls_23_581273[Image Source: Amazon]

It’s all well and good starting children off early when it comes to technology, but CTA Digital are taking things a bit too far. They are selling the CTA Digital iPotty to give young children that are being potty trained a lesson in technology at the same time. The potty is a traditional potty with a shelf for the Apple iPad, which can be attached so that your child can play while using the potty. You can pick it up at Amazon for $34.50.

The Remote Headband

With the technology out today it is not unusual for homes to have four or more remote controls for such as TV, DVD, satellite system, music centre and more. With this many remote controls it’s easy to lose them and this is when Rodd Miller came up with the idea of the remote control headband. This is a headband that fastens around the head and comes down under the chin, to which you stick on your remote controls; with Velcro that you attach to them and which stick to the band.

The Shoe Umbrell

The Shoe Umbrella was designed to keep the feet dry when it rains. Why anyone would want to be out in public with two stripy umbrellas attached to their shoes is beyond me. However with the price of a pair of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos it could be worth looking a fool to keep them dry and rain free.

The Motorised Ice Cream Cone

 There is nothing more refreshing than a cold ice cream on a hot summer’s day. However with the heat the ice cream tends to run down the sides of the cone, unless you continually lick around the cone. Rather than having to twist the cone around in your hand, someone came up with a battery operated cone that turns around for you. All you have to do is stick your tongue out and press the button - but that kinda takes most of the fun out eh.

The USB Pet Rock

qbamr_21_581273[Image Source: ThinkGeek.com]

Pets are very popular in households around the world, the most popular being a cat or a dog, followed by fish or bird. However there is another choice thanks to someone having invented the Pet Rock. You can pick it up at ThinkGeek for $7.99 and your pet comes in its box complete with air holes. On removal from the box you plug it into your USB port on your computer…..and that’s it. It just sits there, doing absolutely nothing.

The Go Office Wheel Mate Steering Wheel Desk

81CtvYoc6fL._SL1500_[Image Source: Amazon]

As stupid as it may sound, yes there is actually a product that you can attach to the steering wheel of the car on which you place your laptop, making it easier to type. Of course the product is aimed at being used while the car is at a standstill, or at least we hope, however it doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. If you fancy typing as you drive and getting a hefty fine or ban for stupidity from the police, you can pick up the steering wheel desk at Amazon for $25.39.

The Goldfish Walker

Mick Madden from the UK invented the Goldfish Walker after looking at his pet goldfish one day and thinking that they might need a change of scenery. So he invented a pull along walker and took his two fish out for a stroll. Wonder how long they'll remember the new scenery?

Flair Hair Golf, the Hair Hat

zbyfu_16_581273[Image Source: Flair Hair]

The Flair Hair Golf Visor from Flair Hair is a visor hat that comes complete with a full head of shaggy hair, which seems to resemble a shaggy carpet more than hair. While we cannot see Tiger Woods wearing it, if you fancy wearing a rug on your head on the golf course, or indeed anywhere else, you can pick it up at Kotulas for $19.99, but at the moment of writing they have it on for $19.99.

The DVD Rewinder

udtek_25_581273[Image Source: DVD Rewinder]

Yes you read it right, the DVD Rewinder was invented and put onto the market by DVD Rewinder, however if you wanted to grab this invention you would have had to do so before 2009 as the company behind them stopped production in that year. Of course as anyone with half a brain knows, a DVD doesn’t have to be rewound, unlike the VHS tapes that used to be around.

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