10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society

From watches to swimwear some companies are using profits from their products to help make the world a better place through giving back to nature and society at large.

We all want stuff but why not buy some stuff that is also giving back to nature and society in general? 

The following ten companies are a hand-picked selection within a growing trend of new companies that are committed to using some of their profits to make the world a better place. 

So without further ado here are 10 companies that are giving back to nature and helping the impoverished and unfortunate around the world. This list is far from exhaustive and in no particular order.

Good on ya chaps.

1. Woodstone wooden watches

Woodstone design and build high-quality wooden watches and accessories. They even plant 10 trees for every purchase made by their customers.

"As our company grows, so does our impact in the world," states the company's website. "With your help we are looking forward to help our environment and people lives further."

We've randomly selected the Troy Walnut model below but, to be honest, any of their wristwatches are equally awesome. With this product, you get to look great, plant some trees and keep track of time. Sounds like a fair trade.

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: TheWoodstone

2. Lindhardt Design

Lindhardt Design according to their own website "strives for the highest principles of sustainability by utilizing recycled precious metals and responsibly-sourced stones from around the world." These chaps take a portion of their takings and donate them to the Kenyan Education Fund and 3 Mariposas Montessori. 

These donations are part of the mission and commitment to make education available to everyone. Their rings are pretty neat looking too. Win, win.

Source: lindhardt
Source: Lindhardt

3. Caliber Collection

The name might give these chaps away a bit. The Caliber Collection makes beautiful jewelry, cufflinks and other items using the serial numbers from seized illegally purchased firearms and the metal from fired gun casings. 

The money they make is used to help support victims, families, and communities that have been devastated by gun crime. This is one of the more "innovative" enterprises we've ever seen and applaud them for their efforts. To date, they have taken 2,500 illegal guns off the streets and raised $165,000 for the police departments of Newark.

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: CaliberCollection

4. River Song Jewelry

River Song Jewelry according to their website "draws inspiration from the natural world. Our jewelry evokes the essence of the earth. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand, preserving its authentic nature.” 

Sales from their jewelry and textiles are used to "give back" to the community through supporting small artists and local fair-trade businesses. Not too shabby.

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: RiverSongJewelry

5. N-Style ID

N-Style ID creates medical ID bracelets and other jewelry that is stylish, contemporary and potentially life-saving. Their mission is to help provide quality medicine and healthcare through awareness and preparedness.

"Medical ID bracelets from N-Style ID are engraved free of charge with specific treatment instructions, allergy warnings, emergency contact information, and any other pertinent details. For those individuals with extensive medical instructions, we also offer a free medical ID card for your purse or wallet, which can be indicated on the tag you wear."

These guys are endorsed by the likes of the American Heart Association, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and the Epilepsy Foundation, to name but a few.

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: N-StyleID

6. Starling Project Candles

Starling Project provide ethically sourced, hand poured candles that come in a nice variety of scent combinations. Their products are closely linked to their mission of supporting work that grants solar energy access to remote communities around the globe.

These chaps are an award-winning company that donates all profits outside of production and operational costs to UNICEF to help their solar energy project in developing nations. To date, the company has raised no less than $100,000 to help communities in Chad.

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: StarlingProject

7. Giving Keys key necklaces

The Giving Keys are a Los Angeles based company that strives to help homeless people get off the streets. Each and every key themed product is stamped with one of a series of inspirational words. Whether that be "create", "strength", "inspire" and so on. 

Each customer is encouraged to embrace the word given and "pay it forward" by giving it to someone who needs it more. Since their foundation in 2012, these guys have provided jobs to more than 60 individuals transitioning from homelessness. 

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: TheGivingKeys

8. Love Your Melons hats

Who doesn't like Beanie hats? Ok, they might make your head look like a fluffy lollipop but they certainly keep you snug and warm in the winter months. Now combine that with a good cause and we challenge anyone to resist.

Love Your Melons produce beanies and other products that are made of cotton yarn and come in various colors as well as their company name, of course. Half of the sales proceedings of each and every hat sold go to the pediatric cancer organizations. Now go out there and get one you hear!

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: LoveYourMelons

9. Cuddle + Kind Dolls

Cuddle + Kind are trying to change the world one cuddle at a time. Their dolls are ethically produced by Peruvian artisans, the sale of which are used to help eliminate child hunger around the world. 

The sale of a single doll equates to about 10 meals that are provided by the World Food Program USA. Their dolls come in a nice range of bright colors and a variety of fun outfits. The gift of a cuddly toy to one child converts into real food for another! Nice touch.

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: CuddleAndKind

10. Lagoa Emily swimwear

Lagoa Swimwear produces a wide range of sports and swimwear that is not only stylish but also helps to clean up the world's oceans. 10% of every sale goes towards the Surfrider Foundation. This is an organization that helps to preserve the world's oceans and beaches through coastal preservation and ocean protection. 

They also help with some plastic reduction initiatives. That's quite a mission.

10 Products You Can Buy to Start Giving Back to Nature and Society
Source: (Edited) LagoaSwimwear

There are many others companies out there whose labors are giving back to nature as well as providing high-quality products. Get out there and help support these wonderful causes.

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