11 Must Buy Christmas Gifts For Engineers

Surprise that special engineer in your life with these Christmas gifts for engineers.

11 Must Buy Christmas Gifts For Engineers
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Got a special engineer in your life you need to get some Christmas presents for? Don't worry we've found 11 Christmas gifts for engineers ideas you might want to consider.

These range from useful gadgets to curiosity gifts and we've tried to keep the costs below $60 for most of these. But we have also included some higher ticket priced items here for your consideration too.

1. This Vortex Drinks Mixer is perfect for Christmas

Price: From $15

Christmas gifts for engineers  mixer
Source: Amazon

This high torque Vortex Mixer Cup is the perfect Christmas gift for engineers. Not only it is entertaining to watch but it mixes drinks like a dream.

With it being Christmas, it can be used for anything from eggnog to cocktails but can be used for non-alcoholic drinks as well, apparently.

But where's the fun in that?

The device is completely rechargeable via USB and takes around 30 seconds to complete a mixing cycle. Being rechargeable, the mixer is completely portable and it is also leak proof.

It also has a very high build quality and is made from stainless steel and food-grade BPA-free materials.

2. The Ugears Mechanical 3D Safe Puzzle is amazing

Price: $60

Christmas gifts for engineers  safe
Source: Amazon

Everyone loves a puzzle at Christmas but when it's a 3D mechanical model too you can't say no. That special engineer in your life will love you forever with this great Christmas present.

The entire thing is self-assembly, obviously, and even has a fully functional combination-lock. It can be used as a nice decorative ornament or an actual functional safe once assembled.

It's also an attractive thing and is likely to be one of the most unique presents an engineer will receive this year. If you're not really 'feeling' the safe idea, Ugears has a massive range of other 3D mechanical models to choose from.

3. This tiny LED projector is so cute

Price: $195

Christmas gifts for engineers  led
Source: Amazon

Whilst a little pricey, this little LED Projector will certainly be appreciated by an engineer recipient. The projector weighs less than 817 grams and stands at less than 5 cm tall.

Its diminutive size makes it highly portable and convenient to transport around in pretty much anything. The Cube also features a rechargeable internal battery allowing you to use it for 90 minutes without a recharge.


Each cube projector is compatible with any HDMI device and can also mirror from your smartphone (though additional cables may be required). It can also project anything that can fit onto a Micro-SD card.

4. LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive

Price: $12

Christmas gifts for engineers  LEGO
Source: Amazon

Who doesn't like receiving a LEGO-based gift at Christmas? But instead of taking a gamble why not get them something they can use all year round?

These cute little LEGO USB Flash Drives will make perfect little stocking fillers for any engineer at Christmas. Prices start at $12 for 8GB drives but do rise to $35 for 65GB storage sizes.

Each one is USB 1.0 to 3.0 compliant and has transfer rates of up to 480 Mbit per second. They are Mac and Windows compatible.


Being LEGO-themed they can also be customized with real LEGO bricks as well.

5. Never run out of charge again with this hand-crank charger

Price: $17

Christmas gifts for engineers  lantern
Source: Amazon

The Thorfire LED camping lantern and hand-crank USB charger the gift that keeps on giving. Whether your engineering loved one is the outdoorsy type or not, they are bound to find some good use for this ingenious gadget.

Although primarily designed for use on a campsite that doesn't mean it can't be carried around anywhere you go. Its standout feature is by far its hand-crank USB charger function.

With this feature, the proud owner can charge their phone anytime they want and get some exercise at the same time! What's not to like?


6. Here's a cool wind-powered toy

Price: $17

Christmas gifts for engineers  strandbeest
Source: Amazon

Inspired by Dutch Artist Theo Jansen's amazing Strandbeest contraption, this wind-powered toy is an amazing gift for any engineer. This little toy will amaze anyone who watches it.

This creative and educational device will be appreciated by children of all ages. Assembly is pretty straightforward and the final product looks incredible.

It's also not too pricey so it shouldn't break your budget whilst simultaneously earning you plus points with that special engineer in your life.

7. Why not consider these gear shaped molds

Price: $11

Christmas gifts for engineers  gears
Source: Amazon

If you that special engineer in your life also likes to turn their hand at baking, this might be the perfect Christmas present for them. This kit comes with three molds, each with different gears, screws and other mechanical component shapes.


Each mold is made from silicone and they are ideal for making cake decorations or chocolate shapes all year round. Sadly, they'll have to buy their own chocolate to use them but that's a small price to pay.

With these molds you engineer-come-baker will wow friends and family with their creative steam-punk inspired creations.

8. This Wright Brothers inspired flyer is incredible

Price: 40

Christmas gifts for engineers  flyer
Source: Amazon

Everyone likes model planes but when you have one that can actually fly no-one can resist. This Wright Brothers Flyer inspired model will make the perfect Christmas gift for any engineer with even a passing interest in aviation.

It is a 50 cm wingspan and it can actually "fly" up to 36.5 meters. Assembly is pretty straightforward and even has a ball-bearing powered propulsion mechanism.


Like the original flyer built by the Wright Brothers, this model is a push-prop plane meaning the propeller is rear-mounted and pushes the model through the air.

This model is incredibly fun, easy to assemble and educational at the same time.

9. This Vertical Spring Toy comes with a yellow bag

Price: $16

Christmas gifts for engineers  spring
Source: Amazon

This Vertical Vortex Spring Toy is a very different option for your beloved engineer this Christmas. Not only it looks cool but it comes complete with its own yellow carry bag!

Yes, we know.

This toy will look great on a desk but is also great fun for everyone. It's made from a continuous piece of stainless steel and is designed to move up and down your arm under its own steam.


It is completely collapsible and is erected by simply putting your hand through the central hole. As mesmerizing as this gift is it is not suitable for children under 6.

10. World's smallest car

Price: $6

Christmas gifts for engineers  car
Source: Amazon

Billed as the world's smallest solar powered toy car, this little gadget will make any engineer smile at Christmas. As you'd expect it is very small indeed.

This tiny solar powered toy measures 9.4 by 5.8 by 0.5 cms and weight a negligible 18 grams. The entire 'roof' consists of a tiny solar panel that powers it along at surprisingly high speeds for its size.

It works in both direct sunlight and ambient indoor lighting so it is fun outdoors and in.


This is a great fun present and educational toy for children. Why not get a couple?

11. Arduino Uno Starter Kit

Price: $35

Christmas gifts for engineers  Arduino
Source: Amazon

Last but by no means least is this handy Arduino UNO starter pack. This pack comes with 22 free lessons as well as plenty of components to get your beloved engineer started with Arduino.

It is one of the most economical ways to get started with Arduino programming and is perfect for anyone with little or no experience in this area.

It comes with everything they'll need to get started, which is handy given the name. The kit includes an Arduino UNO R3, LCD 1602 Module and various other servos, sensors and other accessories they'll need to get to grips with it.

Lots of fun and a really great value!