11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts

Choose your favorite from our top picks of chess items!

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts

Chess is a game rooting back to the early centuries. The history of chess is complicated and full of losses and victories. At the time, rulers and high classes played chess for outclassing their opponents.

Its development over the centuries, relatability to real life and the infinite gameplays led this mind game to become an indispensable sport, even a lifestyle.

Today almost every country cherishes the chess phenomenon and people look up to great chess players such as Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, and Bobby Fisher.

Although it is now impossible to defeat AI in this game, thanks to engineers and software developers' involvement, chess is still an amazing game that bonds and connects people.

If you are also a fan of chess and want to develop your thinking skills, be sure to check our best picks for an enhanced chess experience. 


Scroll down for a list of items that will worth sacrificing your time! 

1. Digital Electronic Chess Set - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: DGT/Amazon

Finding a formidable adversary that will take your chess experience to another level is not always easy. However, with this chessboard adjusting to your level of play, your search is over!

Regardless of your level, impressive-looking weighted pieces and onboard lighted display will engage you in acaptivating, highly tactical chess play experience.

If the lack of human element is a deal-breaker for you, you can expand your search and find new chess opponents all over the world! 

2. Electronic Travel Magnetic Talking Chess - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: iCore/Amazon

For those who are keen on enhancing their chess game, this product might be just what you are looking for.

With 12 chess modes, 30 unique chess levels, and 100 preset chess exercises to choose from, you will sharpen your chess skills in no time.


Plus, with voice announcements of threats and legal moves, this sensory chessboard  will be on your side for reflexive development and learning

3. Wooden 3D International Chess USB Flash Drive - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: Aneew/Amazon

If you are familiar with Interesting Engineering you probably know that we love tech gadgets and you can find a combination of tech and chess love in this USB Flash Drive.

This highly compatible wooden USB, providing a super-fast data transmission, is an excellent gift option for your chess enthusiastic friend.

If this is a preferred gift option for you, remember to store some pictures, music, or memories in the drive stick before giving it to the lucky person.

4. Decorative Bookends - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: jinhuoba/Amazon

These chess bookends are not only a great decoration for your home but also excellent indicators of wisdom and hope.

Made of environmentally friendly resin, these stylish and sturdy decors can be used for pairing books, CDs, and more.


Also, these uplifting, characterful bookends would make a great gift.

5. Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: Thinkfun/Amazon

 Playing against competent opponents is a highly effective way to develop your skills, however it can be a little demoralizing for some of us and this effect appears much more obvious in children.

This chess piece with 80 different beginner to expert challenges is excellent for your child to develop logical deduction, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking skills.

You will set the bar higher and higher as you master with this piece.

6. Giant 3' X 4' Mat Chess Game - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: EasyoProducts/Amazon

You must have heard the expression "the bigger the better." This eye-catching conversation piece is for all age groups.

You can take this folding, oversized chess game to picnics, parties, classroom activities, or anywhere you want.

This easy to set up and lightweight chess game can accompany you everywhere and your enjoyment will expand due to its size. 


7. The Thinkers - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: David Llada/Amazon

This visually stunning book devoted to chess is full of photos taken in venues of Mombasa, London, Chennai, Las Vegas, Baku, and Sao Paulo.

You will be dazzled by the reactions, emotions, and desires of the players trying to hold their horses.

The book is filled with depictions of players trying not to crack under pressure and you'll see that the struggle is real.

8. Four Player Chess Set - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: WEGames/Amazon

Some people said even three is crazy, but this company is not halfway done, it seems. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy chess, you can enjoy this twist on the classic.

This piece can be quite handy for the gatherings of chess enthusiasts, sadly this method debars players from checkmating one another but still, the fun is always real.


The product comes with a storage bag so you can take it with you on your travels and spread the joy of chess! 

9. Magnetic Travel Chess - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: QuadPro/Amazon

It is frustrating to lose chess pieces and replacing them with a button just does not cut it.

Having a light magnetic attraction to the 64-square playing field, every individual piece is easy to move but stable enough to not get lost.

Thanks to its foldable design you can put the pieces inside and take it anywhere you please.

If this set's magnets did not pull you that much, Cylindrical Magnetic Chess Board is here to sweep your feet off the floor!

10. Chess Clock Digital Chess Timer - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: LEAP/Amazon

This digital timer with count-up and count-down features can create a professional and tense environment.

Getting this clock can create some challenging situations while playing chess but at the end of the day, chess is also about taking risks. Make your move!


11. Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set - Buy Now

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts
Source: The Noble Collection/Amazon

You can level up with these middle earth chess pieces and distinguish between the good and bad!

Command the forces of evil with rogue Saruman, the Nazgûl, and the Dark Lord Sauron while wielding the forces of evil with brave Frodo, wise Gandalf the Grey.

There is not a ring in the box that will make you win the game but your quick-wit can help you on this journey! 

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