13 Essential Resources for Beginners Learning Electronics With Arduino

Arduino microchips are easy to learn, highly versatile, and widely popular in the DIY community and these resources are great to get started to explore the world of electronics.

Electronics might appear at times like an elite endeavor with a high barrier to entry—both in time, expense, and expertise—but if you’ve wanted to play around with electronics and felt ill-equipped to start, then Arduino is the perfect place to start.

These low-cost microcontrollers are easy to learn, highly versatile, and widely popular with extensive DIY communities ready to help newcomers explore the world of electronics.

Documentation For Arduino

These sites are essential bedrock knowledge needed when learning Arduino and are as close to a textbook as you’ll find.

Arduino Website
Source: Arduino, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

The main website for the Arduino project, many of the bedrock knowledge about working with Arduino, such as programming the microcontroller, a web-based integrated development environment (IDE), and other resources can be found at this site.

This should be the very first place you start when setting out to learn electronics with Arduino.

Wolfram Language & System Documentation Center

Wolfram Website
Source: Wolfram, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

Another documentation resource, Wolfram isn’t as comprehensive as, but it can be thought of as a quick reference guide to the essential functions of the Arduino programming API, like instructions for accessing serial ports, accessing the onboard LED, and other basic functionality.

Online Courses on Arduino

These are online courses that give you both detailed tutorials and general overviews of working with Arduino.


Coursera Website
Source: Coursera, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

Raspberry Pi and Arduino: What's the Difference and Which Is Best for Your Project?

Raspberry Pi and Arduino: What's the Difference and Which Is Best for Your Project?

The Coursera platform offers students worldwide to take courses in conjunction with major educational institutions, covering a wide array of topics.

Their courses on Arduino and programming the Internet of Things covers many of the essential material for those who learn better in a more structured environment as opposed to random tutorials on the internet.



Udemy Website
Source: Udemy, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

The common go-to for more structured online courses, Udemy offers a wide variety of coursework on many different subjects.

Some of which are free to take while others can be expensive, but there is almost always a sale going on so that you can get courses for a very reasonable price.

There are dozens of Arduino courses available for different skill levels, so you can get an entire Arduino education from Udemy alone.

Arduino Communities

These are sites that feature active communities dedicated to working with Arduino.


Reddit Website
Source: Reddit, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

There is a subreddit for everything under the sun and Arduino is no different.

The Arduino subreddit has over 120k subscribers and is a place to ask questions, talk about Arduino programming, or even to post your projects for comment, feedback, or just to show off something awesome that you’ve made.



Arduino Stackexchange
Source: Arduino.Stack Exchange, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

Most of us are intimately familiar with some flavor of Stack Exchange.

If you’ve ever gone online to look for an answer to anything technical, whether its math, science, or programming, you’ve come across it.

And you have probably spent your fair share of time looking for answers to some problem you’ve struggled to solve—and you’ve almost always found it.

Stackexchange is the place to go to find solutions to the problems that tutorials and textbooks always forget or never think to address, which makes it indispensable.

Arduino Project Sites

These are sites that have different Arduino projects and instructions for completing them.


Source: Circuit Digest, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

Circuit Digest is a site dedicated to all things electronic, with tutorials and articles about all sorts of topics relevant to electronics.


Their project section is particularly useful in that it has over 200 projects using different Arduino circuit boards that range from simple to fairly advanced, all of which will give you a wealth of experience working with electronics and Arduino.


Instructables Website
Source: Instructables, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

Instructables is a site dedicated to people who like to make things themselves, so Arduino is naturally at home on the site.

With instructions written by users, the projects found on the site are diverse in terms of skill level, so it might take some time to look around and find projects to meet your skill level.

There are over 15,000 Arduino projects online to browse, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find new projects to try, regardless of your skill level.

Maker Shed

Maker Shed
Source: Maker Shed, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

Maker Shed is a site from the people at Make, the DIY magazine and product clearinghouse.


Maker Shed has several books available on Arduino in their shop that you can buy if you’re the kind of person who prefers books to websites, but they also sell various Arduino printed circuit boards and Arduino kits to get you started.

This site is especially good if you plan on giving Arduino as a gift for the budding electronics engineer in your life.

Hackster IO
Source:, via John Loeffler for Interesting Engineering

Hackster is another DIY project site with a sizeable Arduino section, categorized for easier browsing.

There are hundreds and hundreds of projects on Hackster to look through, so if you find Instructables to be a bit too overwhelming, Hackster might be more your speed.

The level of difficulty of the projects varies, but there is plenty of material available for the beginner to sink their teeth into.


YouTube Channels for Arduino

If you’re the kind of person who needs to see something done to learn how to do it—but doesn’t want to drop hard-earned cash on Udemy   courses—these YouTube channels are for you.

Ralph S Bacon

A popular YouTube Channel for Arduino, Ralph Bacon’s channel has tutorial and project videos that are perfect for those just getting into working with Arduino and a great channel to start with.

Mert Arduino

Mert Arduino is another popular Arduino channel that is great for beginners. With over 8 million viewers, Mert Arduino’s video tutorials cover everything from the basics of Arduino to specific projects. With over 100 project videos, there is plenty of material for anyone interested in getting involved in Arduino.

Arduino Project Genius

Arduino Project Genius features some tutorials, unboxing videos, and product reviews, but the best part of the channel is the 136 videos that show you the best examples of Arduino engineering and programming out there. Whether you’re just curious about what Arduino can do, looking for inspiration, or looking for a project to attempt to replicate on your own, Arduino Project Genius is a great channel to give you ideas for your next project.

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