13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday

Looking for practical and convenient gadgets? Check out our picks for Cyber Monday!

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday

It may sound quite strange when someone says "I am looking forward to Monday." However, the Monday after Thanksgiving is an exception because that day is Cyber Monday!

Also known as Blue Monday, Cyber Monday is a day when retailers encourage online shopping in the United States with serious discounts and promotions.

Due the lockdown caused by coronavirus, most of our holiday season shopping was already channeled into online platforms for safety measurements. However, Cyber Monday has always had its place in our hearts as it relates to online shopping and electronic gadgets at its best.

If you are looking for some fun and practical gadgets for yourself or your loved ones, be sure to check our best picks for this years' Cyber Monday.      


Scroll down for items that will make your Monday syndrome-free!

1. Fire HD 10 Tablet - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Amazon

Tablets are quite convenient for those who are constantly traveling or always on the move.

However, their performance usually does not match up to a computer, and their battery seems to die before it even gets the trick.

If you are a fan of tablets but having second thoughts due to the reasons above, you have nothing to worry about thanks to the new 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. With faster-charging features, you can enjoy millions of movies, songs, and much more with full HD display without a setback from tablet’s performance.

2. HP Stream 14-Inch Laptop - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: HP/Amazon

Whether it is for work, school, or entertainment, a hight performing laptop is indispensable.

Its light design with Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4000 Processor, Dual-Core, and 1.1 GHz base frequency combines functionality, connectivity, and style.

Plus, it comes with a year availability of Office 365, enabling you to step up your game!

3. GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: GOOVI/Amazon

If only there were a device dying to clean your house.

Well, actually there is and this one automatically returns to charging base when its battery is dying.

Thanks to its low profile design, it can reach under beds, sofas, or places where dirt hides. Thanks to its large wheels, carpets and door ledges are not great obstacles for this germaphobe. 

4. Sonos One (Gen 2) - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Sonos/Amazon

Think of a brilliant sound providing speaker that you can control with your voice and pair with other devices for a stereo sound.

Sonos One with built-in Amazon Alexa and connectivity to other Sonos devices is the embodiment of this idea.

This compact speaker can fit just about any space and give you a rich, room-filling sound.

5. Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Samsung/Amazon

If you want to elevate your watching experience, this UHD TV, with an ultra-fast processor transforming everything you watch into stunning 4K, is here to end your search.

Thanks to built-in Alexa, you can open apps, zap as much as you want and control your smart house with just a touch of a microphone button while enjoying your elevated viewing experience. 

6. Mpow EG10 Gaming Headset - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Mpow/Amazon

This headset is not for those who say “It is just a game.”

Gamers know that there are critical factors in order to win a game and the sound factor is not one to be underestimated.

This headset, compatible with multiple platforms from PlayStation 4 to iPad, provides an immersive stereo sound, ambient noise isolation, and a high precision sound.

Plus, its soft, lightweight yet durable material with enlarged soft memory protein ear cushions minimize the wearing burden so the gamers can focus on the late game in a better way.

 7. Kindle - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Amazon

We agree that the nostalgic and soothing feeling of holding a printed book while reading is something else.

However, Kindle, giving the closest feeling to the actual one, offers so many options that a printed book cannot: You can take your waterproof kindle to the beach, pool, and bath with peace of mind.

Thanks to its new audible feature, you can pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.

With its adjustable lights and weeks-lasting battery life, this sleek device enhances your reading experience while not being a burden to your backpack and we have not even mentioned its benefits for the environment considering paper consumption.

8. Projector Screen with Stand - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: PropVue/Amazon

One of the shortcomings of this year has been the absence of cinema gatherings with friends and family.

Other canceled gatherings such as football matches or concerts only help us prove our point.

We may have been stuck at our houses this year but we can still enjoy these memorable activities with our close circuit by getting the necessary equipment.

This projector screen with a tripod stand and premium wrinkle-free matte PVC might be just the right equipment for you.

Thanks to its wide-angle with 1.1 gain reflection and versatile height adjustment, you can get ready for an impeccable viewing experience.

9. Jinhoo Mini Overhead Projector - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Jinhoo/Amazon

What is the point of having a projector screen if you do not have a projector in the first place?

Equipped with an advanced cooling system and a lower operating noise, this highly compatible projector gives you 1080P picture quality while also providing 3D shocking music effects thanks to its built-in stereo speakers.

10. USB-Powered Desktop Speakers - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Creative/Amazon

Wireless options are not always preferred due to several reasons from the compatibility of the device to the effectiveness.

These USB-powered speakers give you a great opportunity in terms of easy usage and high performance.

Thanks to speakers' far-field drivers and passive radiators, you will get excellent audio and enhanced bass reproduction. Their sleek design also serves as great decors for modern homes and offices.

11. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Samsung/Amazon

Sometimes all you need is a tablet and sometimes nothing but a PC is your solution to your specific work or school related problem. Here is a product that can serve both as a tablet and a PC!

Its built-in trackpad and in-box S Pen can help you finish your tasks faster and you can rapidly switch between apps and tasks thanks to fast mobile processor.

Also, this tablet has a PC-caliber internal RAM transforming the device into more of a computer rather than a tablet, all you need is an extra keyboard to finish up the puzzle.

12. Galaxy Star Projector - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Refaney/Amazon

Pitch black is not everybody's go-to option before bed and it is perfectly understandable to have a desire for a light setting that will ease your way into dreamland.

This projector light has not only 10 color combinations and 21 fantastic lighting modes but also has built-in speakers.

With this voice-controlled music projector, you can find the soothing experience you desire before falling asleep without even getting out of your bed.

13. RC Drone - Buy Now

13 Gadgets for a Syndrome-Free Cyber Monday
Source: Holy Stone/Amazon

It would be nice to see the look on your friend's face who says, "Toys are for children!" when you pull out this bad boy near them. Also, thanks to its 1080P  high resolution 120° camera, you can even capture that moment along with so many others.

Its altitude-hold feature, suspending the drone in mid-air, enables you to set your hands off the joystick when focusing on shooting images.

Through the mobile app, you can expand your creativity and benefit from multiple functions from voice control to trajectory flight. 

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