13 Items to Enhance the Ergonomics of Your Home Office

A list of furniture and gadgets alike to help you work comfortably from home.

13 Items to Enhance the Ergonomics of Your Home Office
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Impromptu home offices are popping up in the nooks and crannies of formerly personal spaces all over the world. While finding and designating a working space is most likely the first challenge of setting up a home office, there is another often overlooked but very important part of designing workspace: ergonomic workplace solutions. In the workplace, ergonomics focuses on education, design, and protocol that culminate to keep employees safe as they work.


The need for comfortable work spaces 

As many people are now working from home, it may be prudent to consider products that allow for a comfortable workday. Here is a list of ergonomic solutions to make your home office healthy. Since proper seating is one of the best ways to keep your body aligned and healthy while working from home, we have featured a number of seating options.

Priority ergonomic solutions 

Our list also has a few desktop options that allow you to stretch your legs while working and/or get your computer at just the right height. Additionally, keyboards are also important to prevent wrist strain and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, so we have you covered with ergonomic solutions in that department as well. 

1. Sit-to-Stand Desktop

This portable adjustable desk allows you to sit or stand as you desire. The ability to stand and stretch without losing work-time is definitely appealing. The two-tired desktop also features separate ergonomic solutions for your keyboard and mouse. Additionally, it has plenty of space - you can use it for multiple devices, office supplies, and more.  

VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter
Source: Vivo/Amazon

2. Ergonomic Office Desk Chair With An Adjustable Headrest

Struggle with back problems? Have a hard time being mindful of your posture? This chair is designed for comfort and helps to mitigate the aches and pains that come with sitting for long periods of time. 

Lumbar Support Chair
Source: SMUGDESK/Amazon

3. Mesh, Midback Sturdy Swivel Chair

This chair has a sturdy base to accommodate a variety of body types. It is also mesh and breathable, so no sweaty, sticky work or study sessions. The midback support also provides back support, an important ergonomic solution for working from home. 

Source: Berlman/Amazon

4. Chair That Adjusts Intuitively

The Steelcase Gesture chair adjusts with your movements, as you lean it moves up and down to keep your feet on the floor. It also has a sleek design that can be placed in living spaces without disturbing your decor. 

13 Items to Enhance the Ergonomics of Your Home Office
Source: Steelcase/Amazon

5. Executive Office Chair

This chair has a pressure release cushion, a headrest, and a curved backrest all for your comfort. This is a great way to keep everything in alignment and avoid getting the wiggles during those long Zoom meetings. 

13 Items to Enhance the Ergonomics of Your Home Office
Source: Humano/Amazon

6. Sit-Stand Workspace Mount

This wonderful piece of hardware allows you to alternate between sitting and standing (and has cool tilt and swivel motions). It is a mount that clamps onto a desk and has separate spaces for your monitor and keyboard. This allows for a range of positioning options throughout your workday! 

Sit Stand Mount
Source: Mount-It/Amazon 

7. Memory Foam Back Cushion

This cushion with memory foam will relieve lower back pressure and pain. If it feels good in your home office set up, you can take it with you for extra comfort in other settings as well - your living room, your car. For wheelchair users, this is also a great option for additional comfort in your chair. 

Memory Foam
Source: LoveHome/Amazon

8. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can relax you, help you focus, and create a mood-enhancing ambiance in your workspace. This diffuser has several modes and a nice aesthetic. You can choose oils based on your needs - each oil has different properties and effects on mood and cognition. Don't forget to buy your oils - patchouli oil relieves stress, eucalyptus is also calming, and rosemary helps concentration.  

Oil Diffuser
Source: Asakuki/Amazon 

9. Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Tray

This keyboard tray can give you the option of keyboard comfort to avoid wrist strain and to accommodate you if you prefer to work while standing

Keyboard and Mouse Tray
Source: Uncaged Ergonomics/Amazon

10. Ergonomic Keyboard 

This keyboard supports a neutral wrist position and has a sleek look. It allows for comfort without increasing the need for space. It may not have the bells and whistles of other ergonomic keyboards, but its simplicity would be Marie Kondo approved.

Ergonomic Keyboard
Source: Microsoft/Amazon

11. Portable Laptop Stand

This laptop stand works for both Macbooks and PCs. The collapsible design allows you to travel with this, or use it for presentations. The stand is made for a variety of laptop weights and is adjustable. This also gives the option of working from different positions. 

13 Items to Enhance the Ergonomics of Your Home Office
Source: The Roost/Amazon

12. Ergonomic Keyboard with Wrist Rest

This keyboard is yet another option that helps protect your wrists. It has wireless capabilities, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity, and is made to support the natural angles and shapes of your forearms, wrists, and fingertips. This option is good for those of us who may already be struggling with repetitive strain issues from overusing the comment section during work breaks. 

13 Items to Enhance the Ergonomics of Your Home Office
Source: Logitech/Amazon

13. Mesh Back Support 

This back support is both comfortable and breathable. Avoid back sweat and strange odors from synthetic cushion material with this mesh, odorless design. It's also a bit more discrete than other back supports. 

Mesh Back Support
Source: BERLMAN/Amazon

This list of chairs, keyboards, and adjustable desktop options are easy and affordable ways to get your home office space ready for comfortable and healthy use. The essential oil diffuser is an added touch for ambiance. Being comfortable where you work is very important, and contributes to your overall health.

For those of us with spinal issues, disabilities, poor posture, or even a general dislike for sitting in one place, the products listed above can make a huge difference! You can also use lighting, plants, decorative items, and music to make your home office not only comfortable but worthy of Zoom envy. 

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