13 Skyscrapers That Are Totally an Engineering Wonder

Each of these skyscrapers deserves their place in the annals of engineering wonders.

13 Skyscrapers That Are Totally an Engineering Wonder

The engineering behind skyscraper design and construction are among some of man's greatest achievements. Each of the following skyscrapers rightfully sits among the most magnificent engineering wonders of the world.


What are some examples of skyscrapers that are engineering wonders?

Skyscrapers are not just some of the tallest buildings in the world; they are also wonders of architectural design and engineering. Here are some of the very best from around the world.

This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This skyscraper comes complete with its own waterfall

skyscraper engineering marvels china
Source: Earth Titan/YouTube

The Liebian International Building in China is a 121 meter tall masterpiece of architectural and engineering prowess. Situated in Guiyang, southwest China, this skyscraper's USP is an enormous waterfall over one of its facades.

This unique feature of the skyscraper is one of the largest manmade waterfalls in the world and is the tallest to be included in a building. The fall is fed by four pumps that pump water from underground tanks containing rainwater and runoff.

2. This unique skyscraper is actually a giant loop

skyscraper engineering marvel big bend
Source: Oiio Studio

While only a proposed skyscraper at this point, the "Big Bend" is a very bold design indeed. Designed by Oiio Studio, if and when built, it would become the longest building in the world at around 1,200 meters from base to base.

On paper, the skyscraper comes in at 610 meters tall and would surpass the One World Trade Center in height if ever realized.

3. Burj Khalifa is one impressive skyscraper

skyscraper engineering marvel dubai

Located in Dubai, UAE, the Burj Khalifa is another engineering wonder of the world. It is a serial record-breaker with boasts, including the highest nightclub in the world, the highest mosque in the world, as well as being one of the world's tallest buildings.

It was completed in 2009 and stands at around 828 meters tall

4. This skyscraper is the first to rotate

skyscraper engineering marvel dynamic tower
Source: Your Discovery Science/YouTube

The "Dynamic Tower" is a planned skyscraper with a twist. Designed by David Fisher, and Israeli-Italian architect, this world-first rotating skyscraper is very uniquely designed indeed.


Each of the skyscraper's apartments is able, according to plans, to rotate a full 360-degrees independently. This would allow for the building's exterior to be in near-constant flux. 

At present, there are hopes to begin the construction of the skyscraper in 2020. 

5. This is America's first-ever all-wood skyscraper

skyscraper engineering marvel wood
Source: Lever Architecture

While a tiddler compared to other skyscrapers on this list, this is certainly one of the world's most unique. Called "Framework", this 12-story skyscraper, when built, will become America's largest wooden construction multi-story building.

"Framework is an all mass timber building with all horizontal and vertical structural elements composed of wood. The building included the use of a rocking wall system for the building core, made up of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels and post-tensioned steel cables, in which the steel comprises 0.35 percent of the total material within the core walls." -


Construction is yet to commence, but it has been approved by building control in the US. 

6. Thıs skyscraper looks like a giant bottle opener

skyscraper engineering marvel kingdom centre
Source: The Kingdom Centre

The "Kingdom Centre" in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is another unique skyscraper design and an engineering marvel. Standing at around 74 floors, this skyscraper is unique in the fact that it resembles a giant bottle opener.

Called the Sky Bridge, this unique feature is intended to symbolize Islamic geometries and expressive forms.

7. This skyscraper is actually someone's gigantic home

skyscraper engineering marvel home
Source: A.Savin/Wikimedia Commons

The residence of the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani, this skyscraper is like none other. Built exclusively for use by Ambani and his family, this might be the world's biggest "house."

It cost around $1 billion to build and incorporates whole floors dedicated to showing off cars, its own traffic control, and a 50-seat cinema.

8. The China Central Television HQ is pretty cool

skyscraper engineering marvel cctv
Source: Cmglee/Wikipedia Creative Commons

The China Central Television HQ building is yet another amazing skyscraper and engineering marvel. Construction began in 2004, and its impressive facade was completed in 2008.


The building is 234 meters tall, and its design is described as a 'three-dimensional cranked loop.'

"The building’s primary support is achieved through the irregular grid on its surface, a visible expression of the forces traveling through the tube structure; the smaller the diagonal pattern, the stronger the load and the greater the support." - ARUP.

9. "The Shard" in London is another impressive skyscraper

skyscraper engineering marvel shard
 Source: The Shard

"The Shard" in London is an icon of the city's skyline. But it also happens to be one of the world's most unique skyscrapers as well as an engineering marvel in its own right.

It stands at around 206 meters tall and is the tallest building in Western Europe. Interestingly, this building was the world's first example of something called a top-down construction technique.

10. Aldar's HQ in Abu Dhabi is also an engineering marvel

skyscraper engineering marvel Aldar
Source: Arup

Aldar's 121-meter tall headquarters in Abu Dhabi is a unique skyscraper too. While circular in design from a distance, it is actually built using triangular glass panels arranged in a diamond-shaped grid.


This construction method enables the building's interior to be almost column-free in most places.

11. Shanghai Tower is another impressive skyscraper

skyscraper engineering marvel shanghai
Source: Baycrest/Wikimedia Commons

The "Shanghai Tower" in Shanghai, China, is another engineering marvel. Standing at 128 stories, plus five basement floors, it has one of the world's highest observation decks. 

Construction began in 2008, and its exterior was completed in 2015. 

12. The HSB "Turning Torso" is a very impressive structure

skyscraper engineering marvel torso
Source: News Oresund/Wikimedia Commons

Situated in Malmo, Sweden, the HSB "Turning Torso" is another engineering marvel and one of the world's most unique skyscrapers. While smaller than others on this list at 54 stories, its design is based on the concept of a twisted marble sculpture.

The building's uppermost floor is orientated 90-degrees clockwise to its lowermost ground floor.

13. One World Trade Center is the jewel of the city

skyscrappers engineering marvels world trade
Source: avflores/Pixabay

Completed in 2014, One World Trade Center is, arguably, the most impressive of New York's skyscrapers. Standing at over 94 stories tall, this building is one of the tallest of its kind in the Western hemisphere.


The building features some of the most state-of-the-art security systems and was built, in part, using sustainable materials.

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