15 Gadgets to Turn Your House into a Cozy Office

As turning the house into a cozy office is essential for freelancers, give these 15 gadgets a try to make it easier.

15 Gadgets to Turn Your House into a Cozy Office
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With the beginning of the technological era, our ordinary lives have started to change. Every passing day, normal becomes absurd and old, while unwanted and odd becomes the new normal. Working as a freelancer is one of those things.

If you were to ask your grandmother or your grandfather about working from home and actually making money from it, they would respond "Son, are you losing your mind?" But nowadays it seems like working as a freelancer is the dream job for everyone. 

So if you want to become a freelancer and turn your lovely, comfortable home into a more serious workplace, here are 15 best gadgets for freelancers.

1. MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank 

Of course, for a freelancer, the most important thing is obviously her/his laptop. But let's say that you're at your favorite café, you're sipping your coffee, you're working, and what's that? Your laptop battery is about to die! What are you going to do now? Are you going to let all your work disappear? 

Calm down, we got you. Here's a laptop power bank for you to work wherever you want, without worrying about your battery. You can charge your laptop about 2.5 times with it. So you'll have a plenty of time in your favorite place with your favorite coffee to work.

Source: MAXOAK/Amazon

2. Ergonomic Innovations Orthopedic Donut Cushion

It's every worker's problem nowadays, we sit for a really long time. And it can give us a certain type of pain after a while, even some chronic diseases. So, here's a solution for that. With this portable orthopedic donut cushion, you'll be comfortable anywhere you go. You can use it at your home office, at the café, in your car, or wherever you want.

Also, if you have hemorrhoids, tailbone pain, lower back pain or sciatica, this is going to be your savior. This cushion is going to be your biggest helper and best friend while working as a freelancer. 

Source: Ergonomic Innovations/Amazon

3. Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Okay, so you have all your home to yourself. And when you're a little bored of what you're doing, what are you going to do to have fun? Maybe listening to some music can help? This portable speaker can turn your home office into a club in seconds. 

Yeah, working as a freelancer has loads of benefits, and this is obviously one of them. You have all the control in your own space, your own office. If you want to listen to some music, just turn it up! No one can stop you, right? Except for your neighbors, of course. 

Source: Anker/Amazon

4. TW Lighting Desk Lamp

As a freelancer, you set your own working hours. So, maybe you're a night owl and you feel more productive after midnight. But working with your laptop for long hours, and especially at night, can be bad for your eyes. And in this condition, a desk lamp is an absolute savior. 


This desk lamp has so many positive qualities. It has an adjustable neck, so you can adjust the amount of light or the angle of incidence as you wish. It also comes with a USB charger! It's sure that as a freelancer you may need your phone or tablet around you all the time. So you can charge your smartphone, tablet or iPod at your desk. 

Source: TW Lighting/Amazon

5. Simple Houseware Mesh Desk Organizer

While working for long hours at a desk, things can get messy! And when things get messy, it can get really difficult to focus on what you're doing. If you don't want to lose your USB flash drive with important files in it, or if you don't want to look for the scissor for hours when you really need it, you need to organize them properly.


We can hear you say "Oh great, now I have to organize my desk and stuff!" No, we have a desk organizer to do that for you. Just relax and find what you want in seconds, doesn't it sound great? 

Source: Simple Houseware/Amazon

6. PWR+ Laptop Table Stand

Yeah, you're a freelancer and you can work at any spot you want. In the bathroom, in your bed, in a park, on a plane... But the laptop can easily get warm and it can become uncomfortable after a while to hold it on your lap. My my, what should you do then?

This portable laptop table stand has fully adjustable legs, so you can adjust it in any position you want. Also with the cooling fans it features, your laptop will never be as hot as you! (Just kidding, unless...?)

Source: PWR+/Amazon

7. Toshiba Portable External Hard Drive 

In the technological age, we keep our important files on our computers instead of the old, dusty shelves. But can we trust our computers that much? You can lose everything on your computer just because of single housewives around your area. Only a click can make your work of years go away. 

To back up your files is crucial at this point. And for this, you need a hard drive that will never let you down. This Toshiba portable hard drive has up to 4 TB of storage capacity. Now, you can easily back up anything you want and feel safe and sound. 

Source: Toshiba/Amazon

8. LoveHome Lumbar Support Cushion

In the new age, we started to develop new kind of problems in our bodies. We sit in the same spot for hours, of course, it creates new health problems. Low back pain is one of them. Have you ever met someone who doesn't moan about her/his back pain? When someone at the table of friends says that s/he has back pain, everyone starts to say "Oh yeah, me too." 


And how can we stop this 80-year-old back pain of ours at the age of 25? This lumbar support cushion would help you a lot. It will alleviate your lower back pain, it takes the shape of your back and curve, it provides you comfort and relieves the numbness of your back.

Source: LoveHome/Amazon

9. COWIN Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Being a freelancer means that you may want to or have to work anywhere, anytime. But turning a place into an office can be difficult, especially in a big city. Traffic, a crying baby, a fighting couple, drunk people, everything can come tumbling down at you at the same time. But you have to work! So what are you going to do?

Easy, you just need headphones that can cancel outside noises. Like this Cowin headphones which can also be used wireless. So you don't have to deal with cables too! Could it get any better? 

Source: cowin/Amazon

10. AmazonBasics Mesh Desk Organizer

This little desk organizer is perfect for the trivial stuff on your desk that make it look messy without an organizer. You can use it for your pens, scissors, stapler, post-its, and paper clips. You'll have everything at hand and you won't have to look for a paper clip for hours.

Losing sight of tiny stuff is much easier than losing big ones, and way more difficult to find. But with this desk organizer, you'll always have a room for the teeny-tiny stuff on your desk. 

Source: AmazonBasics/Amazon

11. Hey! Play! Bristle Dartboard

Yeah, it may seem weird to have a dartboard on this list, but no, when you think about it deep enough, it's not. You work from home, and most of the time you don't have the chance to socialize in the office like people who work in offices. So, eventually, you'll get bored. But what can you do at home to blow off steam and to have fun?

You can play darts! It's really a stress-relieving game to play. If you stop working to play darts for a little while it's for sure that you'll go back to working discharged and motivated. Maybe you can even stick a photo of your worst customer in the center of the board, sounds really fun and relaxing, right?

Source: Hey! Play!/Amazon

12. HP Wireless All-In-One Printer 

Of course, just like every other office, you'd also need a printer in your home office. This wireless, all-in-one printer has every feature you might need at your office while working: it prints, scans, copies, and faxes efficiently. 

Also, with this wireless printer, you can scan documents with your camera, and print from social media or the cloud, such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It's almost like it was designed to make your work easier. 

Source: HP/Amazon

13. SHW Home Office Corner Desk

You need a big, comfortable desk to work efficiently at your home office. Without having a large space on your desk, it would be hard and boring to focus on your work. This L-shaped corner desk is amazing both for your room and yourself. Thanks to its L-shape, you can just put it in a corner and it won't even occupy lots of space in your room.

Also, it has shelves to put the gadgets you don't need and it offers you a large place that you can work without getting lost. It's one of the best and most useful products for freelancers.

Source: SHW/Amazon

14. InnoGear Oil Diffuser and Mist Humidifier 

Since you'll be working at the same place for long hours, you need an oil diffuser and a mist humidifier to avoid unpleasant smells and prevent dry, stuffy air. 

The diffuser can help you to relax after a hectic, stressful day, and it can cover smoke or awful smell from your pets if you have any. 


Also, you can humidify your living space to prevent dry air and diseases like flu that can infect your loved ones. 

And it comes with 7 changing mood lights! You can set it to any color you want. It's almost everything you might need in your home office to be creative. 

Source: InnoGear/Amazon

15. ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest

Last but not least, here's an ergonomic footrest. You might need a comfortable space for your foot while you are working. This footrest not only provides support for your feet but also helps ensure your sitting position is upright. 

It helps to improve your posture, thus, it reduces soreness and fatigue to your back legs and knees, and also improves your circulation. 

You can use it anywhere you work, at your home, in a café, on a plane and so on. Your feet will never feel this comfortable again! 

Source: ErgoFoam/Amazon

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