17 Of The Best iPhone Apps for Engineers

A great application is one that makes your life easier and more pleasant. These 17 apps for Engineers do just that.

Engineers, like many people, love to be offered something that makes their life easier. Because let's face it, our profession is not always easy. As much as we love and revel in our work and no matter how good we are we can always use a little support. After all who does not?


10 Best Engineering Forums to Help Out

These engineering apps provide just that are are sure to help you spend your valuable time on more important things - like sleeping and eating. 

From providing a quick reference to useful equations or terms to quickly and easily converted between different units, these 17 have something to offer for everyone. 

We hope you enjoy this wonderful selection and that it helps to make your engineering life a little smoother and more fun.

The following list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Engineering Unit Converter

apps for engineers Engineering Unit Converter
Source: iTunes/Apple

Do you find yourself spending an exorbitant amount of time on sites like engineeringtoolbox.com? Well here's an app that provides a similar service but with much greater convenience.

Engineering Unit Converter is a very comprehensive unit conversion tool that makes unit conversion super-easy and quick. This is incredibly handy on site and in the office and might just become one of your favorite app for engineers of all time.

2. Graphing Calculator

apps for engineers https://static.interestingengineering.com/images/import/2016/07/graphing-calculator.jpg
Source: iTunes/Apple

Graphing Calculator, as the name suggests, is a handy little app for any aspiring engineering student or seasoned professional. It performs many of the functions that a conventional graphing calculator does with the added bonus of not needing to carry around an extra electronic device.

Once the app is open all you need to do is select the relevant equation and populate the values watch the relevant graph render in front of your very eyes. Very handy indeed.

3. iCircuit

apps for engineers https://static.interestingengineering.com/images/import/2016/07/iCircuit.jpg
Source: iTunes/Apple

iCircuit is one of the best apps out there for sketching out electrical circuits and components on the fly. You can not only design the circuits but also test functions, check voltages and troubleshoot others problems right at your fingertips.


Before they purchase the app, users can also check the company's app for additional information and resources: there is a video guide on the homepage and there is also a support page within site's menu.

4. Engineering Professional

apps for engineers https://static.interestingengineering.com/images/import/2016/07/engineering-pro.jpg
Source: iTunes/Apple

Engineering Professional is a a very handy app for any engineer. It compiles and organizes every equation you could ever possibly need for solving your day to day problems.

Each equation is arranged by the applicable engineering discipline, of which it has over 650 individual ones.

Whatever you educational or professional level this application is very useful indeed. Check it out.

5. LuxCalc Fluid Calculator

apps for engineers https://static.interestingengineering.com/images/import/2016/07/luxcalc-fluid-properties.jpg
Source: iTunes/Apple

LuxCalc Fluid Calculator is a great little app for any mechanical engineer who need assistance with thermodynamics or fluid properties. The apps main USP is its ability to calculate the thermophysical properties of various fluids with a high degree of accuracy.


It has both US and metric units and even graph trend plots for changes in density, viscosity, thermal diffusivity and more. The development team have worked hard to make ensure the app provides very high precision for all of its calculations - which is good to know.

6. iEngineer

apps for engineers https://static.interestingengineering.com/images/import/2016/07/iEngineer.jpg
Source: iTunes/Apple

iEngineer is an ideal app for anyone who needs to find the perfect screw or bolt for their project. It is one of the most comprehensive databases around for information about hardware sizes of this nature.

The app comes in both US and metric screw sizes and also lists tap informatio, clearance sizes, shear force capacities, unit conversions and other relevant features and data.


7. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage systems out there and, what's better, it's completely free ( up to a certain storage size of course). If you want to avoid paying for more storage you can consider opening a few google accounts to take advantage of the extra free storage.

You can store pretty much any file type on there and its cross platform to enable easy transfer of files between you desktop and mobile device and vice versa. If desired you can also create and share documents using googlesheets too.

8. Steel Profiles

apps for engineers Steel Profiles
Source: iTunes/Apple

Steel Profiles is a quick and easy reference guide with other compiled information on steel profiles - as the name suggests. Within the app you'll be shown handy information on things like predefined, parametric (circular, rectangular, H, I, U) and freeform sections.


You can choose between metric and imperial units as well as choose between steel profiles from several geographical regions around the world. These range from Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan.

9. Evernote

apps for engineers Evernote
Source: iTunes/Apple

Evernote is an app for anyone who tends to write reams of random notes on different pieces of paper. With this app you can scribble notes to your hearts content safe in the knowledge you'll easily be able to access them later down in the line in on place.

It allows you to set reminders, upload images, links, documents, audio files and share anything with any other user of your choosing. This is a great little app for keeping your thoughts and plans in one place.


Now you'll never have an excuse for turning up to that meeting late or missing your partner's birthday ever again.

10. Basic Engineering Dictionary

apps for engineers Basic Engineering Dictionary
Source: iTunes/Apple

Basic Engineering Dictionary, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive dictionary of engineering terms. It also contains a repository of equations and formulae and has over 8,000 terms to choose from.

It covers many different categories from Actuators and Electromechanics to Civil Engineering and Thermodynamics and many more. It also has a feature to contribute new terms, equations or formulae if you spot anything is amiss.

You can also add certain formulae, equations or terms to your 'favorites' list to allow for quick access further down the line. It also has a quiz feature to let users test their knowledge retention.


The app also has a daily random fact feature which is always a popular feature of any application.

11. AutoCAD 360

apps for engineers https://static.interestingengineering.com/images/import/2016/07/ACAD-pocket-app.jpg
Source: iTunes/Apple

Chances are if you are an engineer you will likely need some version of AutoCAD for you day to day tasks. AutoCAD 360 is a great little app for your iPhone that makes sketching out designs very easy and convenient on your smartphone.

The app even lets you view and edit other DWG files on your mobile, or other mobile device. This app is ideal for various engineering professionals from electrical engineers to architectural engineers and everywhere in between.

Many users atest to its utility who also agree its one of the best apps to get for any self-respecting engineer.


12. Truss Me!

best apps for engineers Truss Me
Source: iTunes/Apple

If you need to kick-back after a long day engineering but don't want to rot your brain playing a mindless mobile game, Truss Me! might be right up your street. It is an engineering-based game that was designed by a rocket scientists and is both fun and educational at the same time.

The game helps you learn and test your knowledge of building structures in a fun and intuitive way. Each challenger has you design structures that are both light and strong to earn rewards called 'Golden Nuts'

Truss Me! utilizes simulation techniques used by aerospace, mechanical, and civil engineers to provide the most realistic behavior for your structures.

13. TurboviewerX

apps for engineers TurboviewerX
Source: iTunes/Apple

TurboviewerX is another iOS CAD application. It allows you to pan, zoom and 3D prbit around any CAD, DWG or DXF file.

The application comes with a feature called "always facing text" that allows any annotations to be viewed in any viewing angle - which is a nice touch.

You can also mark-up changes to the plans and share them with your saved contacts. This application, like other CAD options on the list, easily allow you to fiddle around with designs on site or on your stupidly long commute to the office.

14. TouchCalc

apps for engineers TouchCalc
Source: iTunes/Apple

TouchCalc is a handy little app for number crunching and analysis. Its colorful calculator offers three different modes depending on your needs.

The scientific mode allows standard functions and operations like the basic arithmetical operations, power, logarithm, roots, and more. Its bit-integer mode allows more logical operations and is a handy feature.

Its statistics mode lets you create a sample by adding several values and then calculate mean, median, quantil values, variance, standard deviation, and range, among others.

15. Smart Tools Pro

apps for engineers Smart Tools Pro
Source: iTunes/Apple

Smart Tools Pro is a one-stop shop for a collection of 16 handy tools you use in your daily working life. The app includes a digital ruler, protractor, distance measurer (using the camera), height measure, magnifier, GPS, Sound level meter, vibration meter, magnetic flux meter, stop watch, level, timer, flashlight, QR-code reader and compass.

Whilst most of these features use existing features of your phone they pull them together in one handy place. The app also comes with off-line support so you can use it without the internet too.

16. FingerCAD

apps for engineers https://static.interestingengineering.com/images/import/2016/07/finger-CAD.jpg
Source: iTunes/Apple

FingerCAD is less sophisticated when compared to other CAD programs like AutoCAD 360, but it can be very useful for rough sketching out of ideas on site. It allows you to design things in 3D which gives you a nice rough overview visualisation of the floor space or item whilst on site.

All files can be converted to other formats to allow you to open them later in different programs - which is nice. Its constantly being updated and has great user support.

17. MathPix Problem Solver

apps for engineers MathPix
Source: iTunes/Apple

MathPix Problem is a bit of a cheat app but ideal for engineering students or those anyone else stuggling with a maths problem. This app lets you take a snapshot of a math problem and then it solves it for you.

It can read both handwriting and printed text and then provides you with the solution in front of your very eyes. It has very high reviews with most users absolutely singing its praises.

Of course in the long run, its best to learn for yourself how to solve those pesky equations but every little helps.