19 Impressive Motorbike Designs That Are Guaranteed to Turn Heads Out on the Road

You've never seen anything like these bikes before.

19 Impressive Motorbike Designs That Are Guaranteed to Turn Heads Out on the Road
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Nothing says rebellion quite like a motorcycle. For those who really want to walk on the wild side and stand out from the crowd, though, only the craziest, zaniest motorcycles will do.

Welcome to the fascinating world of custom motorbikes, where no design idea is too outlandish. Here are just a few incredible examples of motorcycle creativity.

1. Black and Gold: Wondering Where You're Meant To Sit

There's no doubt that this is an impressive custom bike. doesn't look like sitting on it would be too comfortable.

Even the knowledgeable Redditors on r/motorcycle had a hard time figuring out what model this design was based on. Perhaps this unrideable machine will forever remain a mystery.

Tell me that's not the most insane custom motorcycle that you have seen. More in comments. from r/motorcycles

2. Rainbow Ride: Standing Out From the Crowd

Why choose one color when you can have them all? The bright accents of this bike were created using colorful vinyl.

According to the owner of this Ninja 300 bike, he customized the look as a tribute to the Harlequin Golf. Getting inspiration from other vehicles is pretty unique, and definitely helped this bike to stand out.

Saw this in a parking garage this morning, it was 29° from r/motorcycles

3. The Bat Bike: Perfect For Cruising Through Gotham

This custom bike certainly isn't as outlandish as others, but it's definitely eye-catching. It wouldn't look out of place in the Bat Cave either.

It was built from a Suzuki Bandit, and lovingly customized to look super intimidating.

4. Green Menace: An Eye-Catching Burst of Color

This custom set of wheels is guaranteed to turn heads out on the road. Its unusual shape and bright green body make it totally unmissable.

Though it might look unrecognizable, the base bike here is a legendary Harley Davidson. Just goes to show what a lot of creativity can achieve.

5. Cherry Red: Winning Awards In Style

This gorgeously-painted bike wouldn't look out of place in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. With its beautiful red paintwork and white piping, it almost looks like it's made of candy.

But don't be deceived, this powerful machine is actually an award-winning custom bike that turns heads at major biking events. 

6. The Wasp: Buzzing Down the Street

The paintwork might look more like black flames, but overall this crazy set of wheels just looks like a wasp. From the bright yellow exterior to the shape of its handlebars, this is one insectile bike.

Its super low seat and massive rear wheel help to round out the unusual appeal. 

7. Bursts of Color: Driving Straight Out of an Anime

This incredible bike, spotted in Indonesia, wouldn't look out of place in a colorful anime. Every single inch of the motorcycle is adorned with a new, exciting detail.

Pay close attention to the intricate gold-rims and elaborate handlebars. Definitely not a bike you'd forget in a hurry.

8. Stripped Back: Giving You the Bare Necessities

While a lot of the bikes on this list are a bit over the top, this motorcycle firmly believes in "less is more". The unusually beautiful minimalist design is really notable for its simplicity alone.

9. More Is More: Packing Everything In

On the other end of the spectrum is this bike, which seems to have packed as many details and devices onto its body as is possible. It's an incredibly busy design, and it's hard to know exactly what function all of that metal serves. If, indeed, it actually does serve a function beyond simply looking cool.

10. Retro Cool: Blasting Into the Past

Another insane Harley Davidson custom job is this amazing set of wheels. This retro sci-fi-styled bike looks ready to enter Tron.

Its smooth, rounded bodywork is a classic '80s throwback. Definitely not suited to every taste, but undeniably awesome all the same.

11. Robot Chic: Taking Motorbike Design to Another Level

This bike also harkens back to retro sci-fi, but in a far more committed sense. The unusual bodywork makes it look like a Star Wars droid suddenly sprouted wheels and handlebars. 

It's a customized Honda, which looks nothing like its contemporaries. Would you ride around on something like this?

12. Red and Blue: A Truly Eye-Catching Chopper

Choppers are notable for their low seats and elongated bodies, but this one still manages to stand out from the crowd. This custom piece is truly unmissable thanks to its bright, metallic paintwork and pop cultural easter eggs.

See how many stickers and references you can spot on its bodywork.

13. The Mowercycle: Blurring the Lines Between Bike and Mower

When you don't have the fanciest materials to draw from when customizing your motorcycle, you need to get creative and use what's available. That's (presumably) what this hobbyist did when they created the Mowercycle.

A Frankenstein creature that mixes a ride-on mower and the bare bones of a motorcycle, the Mowercycle is an impressive piece of DIY genius.

14. All About Shape: Pushing the Limits of Bodywork

This customized Honda definitely makes a strong impression. The unusual shape looks almost like a scorpion, or a Xenomorph.

Whatever the designer was going for, it's definitely going to grab a lot of attention.

15. Cool Steel: Combining Class and Simplicity

This custom Ducati didn't bother with any elaborate paintwork, instead allowing the simple yet elegant nature of its metal bodywork to shine through. The result is a classy design, guaranteed to get motorcycle hobbyists talking.

16. Japanese Explosion: Prompting a Lot of Questions


15 Amateur Mechanics Who Turned Their Cars Into Works of Art

No doubt about it, this bike is super attention-grabbing. But it also posits a lot of questions.

Like how are you meant to see where you're going?

And what's with all the pipes?

Nevertheless, the rising sunburst decal and other colorful decorations make this bike look super fun.

17. Let Loose: Stretching Out Choppers As Far As They'll Go

Choppers are meant to be longer than your average motorcycle, but this is really taking the cake. This stretched out purple beast is on a whole other level of bike design.

Could you even reach the handlebars from the seat? Probably not without lying completely horizontally.

18. Psychedelic Trip: Opening Your Mind to New Possibilities

Don't adjust your screen, this bike really is just that colorful. This custom Harley is an incredible rendering of hippy psychedelia. 

You might start to feel dizzy if you stare at it too long though.

19. Yak Attack: Making Maintenance Difficult

There's no doubt that this hairy motorcycle looks awesome. Let's get that out of the way first. But, you have to imagine there's a lot of work involved to keep it looking so cool.

Imagine having to brush your motorcycle's hair every day. 


URGENT! I need a new shampoo and conditioner for my ride. The one I've been using is way too oily and I'm having to brush twice a day to get rid of the tangles!! Perhaps some of you ginger-bearded freaks can share some of your extensive follicle knowledge with me? Happy to trade for a few soft strokes of my horny furball. (additional strokes by prior arrangement only) . . . . #horny #custom #shitbikes #fuckyourmainstreambuild #imbored #hd #custommade #fuckyourbikesucks #custommotorcycle #motofuckery #youidiot #chopped #chopper #choppershit #builtnotbought #barfednotbought #twowheels #vespa #freakswillrule #diy #harleydavidson #weirdobikes #ftw #customscooter #custommotorcycle #straightshitisboring #morefreaklessgeek #custombike #rednecktech #customeverything @vespaextreme ?

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