5 Essential Coding Skills You Can Learn Today

Learn five of the most widely used programming languages with these in-depth training bundles.

If you're at all interested in starting a career in app development, computer programming, or practically any other field in tech, you need to know much more than just a few lines of Java. Competition for these positions is increasingly fierce—meaning you'll have to have a working knowledge of several of the most popular programming languages around to get noticed. Here are five online course bundles that will outfit you with the skills you need to thrive.

1.  The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle

5 Essential Coding Skills You Can Learn Today

There's a reason why Python is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages in the world. It's incredibly powerful and dynamic in terms of what it can accomplish, yet it's remarkably easy to learn and use. With a whopping 70 hours of content, this massive bundle will walk you through everything from the most essential Python methods to the techniques that will have you building real-world applications in no time. It's valued over $1,000, but you can get it today for just $44. 

2. Complete Java Programming Bootcamp

5 Essential Coding Skills You Can Learn Today

Much like Python, Java has become an indispensable tool in any developers toolkit. It’s behind practically every advanced website feature, data structure, and web-based algorithm on the Internet, and it’s widely implementable in a variety of platforms and settings. This bootcamp will get you up to speed with this exciting language through 10 courses and over 80 hours of content, on sale today for just $39.

3. Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle

5 Essential Coding Skills You Can Learn Today

Although it sounds similar to Java, JavaScript is in fact its very own beast. It’s the language behind practically every web browser on the planet, and if you’re considering working as a front-end developer, you should perhaps prioritize this language over all the rest. This 15-course bundle starts from the basics of using JavaScript to build applications with popular frameworks, explores key modern tools in the JavaScript ecosystem, and more. Grab it today for just $25.

4. Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp

5 Essential Coding Skills You Can Learn Today

Ruby on Rails has become one of the more popular and in-demand languages in the development world, due mostly to the fact that it's incredibly versatile and intuitive. Providing default structures for databases, web services, and web pages, Ruby on Rails is a must-have skill set for both novice and seasoned developers alike. This bundle has over 57 hours of hands-on instruction that will have you working with this exciting platform like a pro, and you can grab it today for just $29.

5. Complete C# Coding Bootcamp

5 Essential Coding Skills You Can Learn Today

Sometimes the classics never fade away. Such is the case with C#, which remains one of the most relied upon and powerful languages in the business. This 11-course coding bundle will teach you how to code Windows apps, use web forms, manipulate Unity, and much more using C#. You’ll also learn how to implement C# into other platforms, and use it to create advanced data structures that drive traffic to websites. Pick up this bundle today for just $41. 

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