5+ Great Tips and Warnings for Dating Engineers

Engineers make great life partners, it turns out. But there are some downsides too!

Are you considering dating an engineer? Turns out you've made an excellent choice. 

But beware, there are some downsides to dating or marrying them. Consider yourself forewarned!


Reasons not to date an engineer

You might be wondering if it is actually worthwhile to date an engineer? As it turns out there are plenty of reasons you really should but there are also some reasons that you might want to reconsider (courtesy of

1. Engineers tend to consider shirts and jeans as an acceptable formal outfit. They also like to consider hot dogs and a six-pack of beer as a seven-course meal.

2. Engineers tend to prefer their own company a lot of the time. 

3. Engineers don't always like talking about their feelings. They'd rather keep it bottled up.

4. Engineers work really, really hard. Expect them to put in long hours leaving little time for home life.

5. Don't expect engineers to understand how you are feeling. They much prefer to talk things out logically rather than with their "feels."

6. Generally speaking, though not always, engineers love rock music and nothing else.

7. Engineers prefer things to people. Expect them to give a lot more of their attention to things like cars rather than people.

8. Engineers tend to talk in acronyms a lot.

9. A pencil behind the ear is something of an occupational hazard.

10. DO NOT DISTURB them when they are in the middle of something like coding. You will regret it!

Dating an engineer: pros and cons?

If you are considering dating an engineer here are some pros and cons of doing it. 



- Engineers are very ethical by nature. 

- They are very good at handling stress and strain in relationships. Conflicts can be resolved logically and calmly.

- Engineers are very practical people. They can, and love, to fix things around the house.

- Engineers are very logical and disciplined. This comes in handy when trying to plan things like a new landline contract, book a holiday or file your taxes.

- Dating or marrying an engineer will usually get parental approval with ease.

- Engineers tend to command much higher salaries. That's pretty handy for all involved.

- Engineers love geeky stuff. 

- Engineers are pretty handy when it comes to some forms of gambling. Because maths comes second nature to them they can quickly calculate odds. 

- They are not scared off by something challenging. In fact, they thrive on tackling them.


- Dating an engineer can be pretty cheap as they feel as comfortable chilling with a beer as they do at a fancy restaurant.

- Engineers tend to be pretty modest. 

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Here are some cons to dating an engineer

- As we've previously mentioned, they won't always understand your emotional needs.

- Once again do not disturb them when they are busy. You will regret it.

- They tend to be sticklers for detail. Get used to it!

- Engineers tend to be pretty frugal. They can't abide unnecessary wastes of money - unless its for buying gadgets and "cool stuff" of course.

- Time will be an issue. They are busy people.

- They love to KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)! This might get annoying at times.

Why are most engineers single?

As we have seen there are many pros and cons for dating an engineer. So you might wonder why most engineers are actually single?


As it turns out, not all engineers are actually single. Many of them are happily married or have longterm partners and are perfectly happy.

But for those who are longterm single, there are some obvious reasons why. 

Engineers, by nature, tend to be introverted with many also being borderline workaholics. They tend to live in their own world and place more emphasis on things than people.

For this, and many other reasons, engineers tend to devote most of their time building things than relationships. They are also pretty calculated on the whole which can lead to dating engineers lacking a lot of spontaneity - everything needs to be planned. 

This can lead to them being unappealing in the long run as a potential partner.

But one of the main reasons is time. Engineers love to work and indulge their time in meaningful, creative tasks. 


For this reason, many engineers will not even think about relationships with partners too much. They are equally happy alone as they are in a relationship. 

Their profession also tends to be male-dominated. This is for various reasons, but if you aren't around members of the opposite sex a lot, you have a reduced chance of actually meeting someone. 

They also tend to shirk off social events in favor of using, in their view, their time "more constructively". 

5  great reasons to date an engineer

Here are some great reasons you really need to date an engineer. Trust us when we say this list is far from exhaustive.

1. They make great life partners

As we have already touched upon, engineers are very logical and practical people. This makes them an ideal partner for most people. 

It will enable the relationship to last for a long time and ensure that home life is stable and organized. From making great use of excel spreadsheets for your finances to booking a dream holiday, you can count on them to get it all sorted out. 


2. Never say never!

For engineers, no problem is ever too difficult to overcome. The very word impossible is not in their vocabulary. 

When faced with a serious problem they will love to find a solution to it. They simply will not allow something to beat them. 

3. Engineers love to learn

Another great thing about engineers is their love of learning new things. They will be the first to admit when they don't know something and will work to correct that issue.

In fact, it is an essential part of their being. They love to explore new things and have an instinctual need to be challenged - all the time!

tips for dating and engineer
Source: Hoàng Chương/Pexels

4. The right tool for the job, every time!

Engineers love to research things. Especially when it comes to making a big purchase for the home.

For this reason, they will spend hours looking at the best choice for your budget. You can be sure that you will have the right tool for the right job at the best price.


This will save you, as a couple, tons of wasted time and money buying something that is ultimately junk. 

5. They are great at packing many things!

Whether its the boot of your car or a dishwasher, engineers will put their skills to good use maximizing the use of space. This will prove to be invaluable on many occasions. 

Going on holiday but only have one suitcase? No problem. Let your engineer partner work their magic and fit an unfathomable amount of stuff into a small space! 

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