7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong

NSFW! These animals look exactly like penis, dick, or dong, whatever you prefer to call it.

7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong
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Sometimes you look around and you see something that looks exactly like a dick. You take a picture of it and you send it to your friends to make fun of and laugh about it.

There are also some animals that look exactly like dicks, which makes you question the mother nature, or God if you're religious, since why on Earth someone or something would create something that looks like...a dick?


No, no, no, I'm not trying to be mean or biased, it's just... I mean... it's weird, isn't it?

It also must have been really surprising for people who saw these animals for the first time. "What's that? Has someone lost his dick? Anyone?" Chill dude, it's only an animal!

So, here are 7 animals that will make you think that your nudes have been leaked.

1. Atretochoana Eiselti

Atretochoana eiselti is originally a species of caecilian, which is a group of limbless, serpentine amphibians. This animal is also called "penis snake" since its look resembles the male genital. It was first discovered in the Brazilian rainforest by Sir Graham Hales and then rediscovered again in 2012 by engineers building a dam in Amazon. Seems like this dick snake likes South America.

7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong
Source: Aw Awsome Video/YouTube

2. Fat Innkeeper Worm

You'd remember the news from Drakes Beach, when it was invaded by millions of dicks, or more precisely, penis fish. Urechis unicinctus, fat innkeeper worm, or penis fish is a species of marine spoon worm. They can be found in Korean and Japanese coasts, and the closely related species, Urechis caupo, can be found in shallow waters on the west coast of North America. How sad is it that this fish took the name of the male genital, but I mean, how couldn't it?

7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong
Source: kmontana/iNaturalist

3. Priapulida

Priapulida, a.k.a. penis worm is a phylum of marine worms. This worm takes its name from the Greek Fertility God Priapus, since it looks like...penis. I wonder if this little creature is aware of the fact that it looks like a penis and named after it. Definitely not cool at all!

7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong
Source: Shunkina Ksenia/Wikimedia Commons

4. Pacific Geoduck

This penis-shaped animal, which is a species of saltwater clam in the Hiatellidae family, is edible. Its habitat is the coastal parts of western Canada and the northwest United States. Also, it's one of the longest-living animals. Its usual lifespan is around 140 years and the oldest was 168 years old. And it doesn't become dysfunctional with age, if you know what I mean.

7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong
Source: The Evergreen State College/Wikimedia Commons

5. Thermarces Cerberus

This fish isn't the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "fish" because it looks like a dick. It's a species of ray-finned fish in the Zoarcidae family and it's also known as pink vent fish, but it's more like pink penis fish, am I right? Also, it can be found at bathypelagic depths in the East Pacific. Anyways, imagine you go fishing to relax and catch this fish that looks exactly like a penis. What would you do?

7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong
Source: Citron/Wikimedia Commons

6. Trypauchen Vagina

Yeah, it's called "vagina", but I don't buy it, it obviously doesn't look like a vagina at all. It's a species of eel goby, and its length is around 20 to 22 cm or 7.9 to 8.7 in, I mean wow, it's a big boy indeed, just kidding. This big boy usually lives in burrows in the silty and the muddy bottoms of marine and brackish habitats. 

7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong
Source: Albert W. C. T. Herre/Wikimedia Commons

7. Acorn Worm

Acorn worms are a class of hemichordate class of invertebrates. The length of these worms mostly ranges from 9 to 45 centimeters or 3.5 to 17.7 in, but some of them can reach 1.5 meters or more, boy oh boy! A penis-shaped worm in a human size, isn't it kind of scary? But don't worry, they're rarely seen by humans because of their habitat; which is a U-shaped burrow on the sea-bed. 

7 Animals That Look Exactly Like Dong
Source: Leenibraheem/Wikimedia Commons
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