7 Fun and Educational Easter Themed Stem Activities

Keep you children entertained whilst teaching them about STEM with these 7 fun Easter STEM activities.

7 Fun and Educational Easter Themed Stem Activities
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Your children might be on holiday this Easter time but that doesn't mean their education needs to be put on hold too. Teach them some basic fundamentals of STEM and keep them entertained, at least temporarily, with these fun 7 Easter STEM activities


There are many other Easter STEM activity ideas out there, but we hope these at least provide some food for thought. 

How do you organize a community Easter egg hunt?

If you want an activity that is a little less STEM-related, you might want to arrange a community Easter egg hunt. There are plenty of guides out there, but the basics are:-

- Find location

- Set a date in advance

- Establish some rules

- Decide on what eggs to use and get them ready. Be sure to reclaim any reusable things like plastic egg containers for next year.

- Make sure you give yourself enough time to hide the eggs before the event

- Set age groups for searching parties

- Bring extra baskets etc for anyone who might not have one

What should you out in children's Easter eggs?

This completely depends on the age of the child in question. But for all ages, you might want to consider avoiding candy and other sweet things.

Things like small LEGO kits (or Duplo), natural fruit snacks, crayons, plastic toys, puzzles or other educational games are good options. Ultimately it is completely up to you.

Afterall you know more about your child than anyone else will. 

What flower has become a symbol of Easter?

If you are planning on giving some flowers to your loved one, or just making your home particularly 'Eastery', there are some particular flowers that are traditionally associated with the holiday.


Whilst various countries associate the Lily with Easter, others, like Finland and Russia, have traditionally used the pussy willow.  

According to Fundoo Times "Narcissuses is regarded as the traditional Easter flower in Southern France and Northern Italy.

As for Germany, the red tulip is considered as the traditional Easter flower, because it symbolizes the shedding of Jesus' blood. The flower also represents unconditional love."

If you are allergic to lilies, or flowers in general, you could make some paper ones...

1. Egg zip wire challenge

easter stem zip-wire
Source: science-sparks

Here is a fun STEM activity for Easter. Why not challenge your little ones to devise a means of transporting an egg down a zip wire.

They can use any materials they can find to build the cradle and attachment system to the wire. It's completely up to you how long to make the wire and where to locate it.


Typical options include making the cradle from LEGO pieces, pipe cleaners, and old plastic toy egg halves. It really doesn't matter, but the challenge in both Easter-related and fun for all the family.

You could even make it race challenge if you wanted. The only criterion is that the egg must arrive undamaged.

2. Build an egg catapult

easter stem catapult
Source: littlebinsforlittlehands

Yes, you read that correctly, an egg catapult. Combine the majesty of age-old siege warfare and Easter with this great STEM project.

Whilst you could devise your own design, this one is an interesting take on it. By using rubber bands, popsicle sticks, and some cutlery, you'll be launching eggs at unsuspecting targets in no time.

If you are concerned with making a mess, you can use old plastic eggs instead of real eggs as your ammunition - spoilsports!


Construction is pretty easy and you might want to paint the popsicle sticks for added customization. Once built, you'll next need to find a suitable target (we'll leave this up to you).

3. Save the Egg drop challenge

easter stem egg-drop
Source: science-sparks

There is nothing more entertaining than dropping stuff and watching it break. Unless of course, it’s a valuable family heirloom or priceless piece of pottery.

But why not use the 'force' of gravity to help you create a fun and challenging STEM activity for Easter? By challenging your children to devise a means of protecting an egg from surviving the impact you both educate them and entertain them (at least for an hour or so).

Solutions might include excessive use of bubble wrap (if they can refrain from popping the bubbles of course), old socks, cotton wool, or anything else they can find.


You can either have a set distance drop from a table or use an old cardboard tube to build a chute. It really doesn't matter how it drops, the challenge is to ensure the egg survives the experience.

4. Magnet powered egg car

easter stem magnet
Source: science-sparks

Here is another fun and challenging Easter STEM experiment. By sticking a magnet inside a plastic egg you can build your very own magnet powered egg car.


The chassis can be built from anything you have to hand, but the instructions for this one used K'nex. Lego would work just as well too.

The first phase is to build the chassis. For best results make sure it as light as possible, just make sure it holds the plastic egg you have chosen.


Propulsion is achieved by placing a magnet inside the egg and using another magnet (put on the end of the stick if you want), to either attract or repel the magnet-egg car's own magnet.

Why not build a few of them and have a race too? Awesome.

5. Walking on eggs challenge

easter stem egg-walk
Source: Preschool Powol Packets

This one might get a little messy but it will teach your children about some basic scientific principles. Much like lying on a bed of nails, you can show your kids how even something as fragile as eggs can actually hold someone's weight is spread over enough of them.

This might take some practice, and might just break a few eggs as you experiment, but your children will love it. The secret is to ensure you put your weight on as many eggs as possible.


Not only that, ensure the eggs strongest part, their tips, are facing upwards. Otherwise, you can attempt to find the least amount of eggs needed to resist someone's weight.

This might get messy!

6. Toothpick egg supports

easter stem towers
Source: science-sparks

Teach your children some fundamentals of structural engineering by having them design and build support towers for eggs. You can use anything to build the towers, but something like toothpicks should work quite well.

The idea is to ensure the finished structure can handle the weight of an egg. Other than that it is completely up to them how to construct their towers.

They could use things like playdough or plasticine to hold the stick together, or even sticky tape. It really doesn't matter.

If you don't want to risk making a mess, replace eggs with plastic toys, balls, or anything else you want.

7. Fizzy egg toy rescue challenge

easter stem fizzy-egg
Source: science-sparks

Here is a great little Easter themed STEM experiment that will introduce your little ones to the wonders of chemistry. Preparation is pretty self-explanatory and doesn't require any specialist raw materials.

The idea is to mix food coloring, water, baking soda, and a toy together and placing them inside a plastic egg mold. Then stick on the freezer until the water has fully frozen.

Now comes the fun part. once ready, take off the plastic mold and ask the children to rescue the trapped toy. They might want to just hack away at it with a spoon but you could recommend trying warm water.

Once the toy is liberated its then time to deal with the remnants of the fizzy egg. Have them pour a very mild acid, like vinegar, over it and watch it fizz away in all its glory.

This experiment is both fun for children and adults and is a great introduction to some basic chemistry.

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