7 Ways AI Will Help Humanity, Not Harm It

Artificial Intelligence is leading the way to change life on Earth for the better significantly.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intriguing concept that has fascinated experts and laymen alike for years now.

Technology in 2018 is moving at a breakneck speed, and it is safe to say that man today has significantly more power in his pocket than he had in his entire home back in the 90s.

There have been immense breakthroughs in the field of machine learning and deep learning. These concepts have allowed machines to process and analyze information themselves in a very sophisticated manner.

Thanks to these AI developments; machines can now perform complex functions such as facial recognition.

That said, there has been significant debate regarding the risks posed by Artificial Intelligence on humanity. There have been concerns about AI taking control of our lives to the extent that it proves to be detrimental to humanity.

It is also feared that as a result of the application of AI in our daily lives, unforeseen consequences can occur such as killer robots and partial election outcomes.

Although the implications of incorporating AI into our lives might sound daunting enough to eliminate its applications altogether, here is why AI is a boon to humanity and not a curse that might harm it in the future!  

1. Enhanced Automation

Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Automation
Source: KUKA Roboter GmbH, Bachmann/Wikimedia Commons

Today, AI can perform intensive human labor and backbreaking tasks easily without the need for human intervention. This has immensely automated several applications and tasks in industries as well as in different sectors.

Machine learning, deep learning as well as other AI technologies are being increasingly adopted and incorporated in industries and organizations to reduce the workload of humans.


This has reduced operational costs and the cost of manpower substantially, bringing about an AI automation to a level that has not been witnessed before.

A beautiful example of the wonders of AI in enhancing the level of automation can be seen in the Japanese machine tool builder, Okuma. They recently offered a multitude of innovations to showcase the future of smart manufacturing.

This includes robots for plants of all sizes, new and improved machine tools, and smart machine tools. This clearly demonstrates the blessing of AI in the automation of industries.

2. Eliminates the Necessity for Humans to Perform Tedious Tasks

AI Eliminates Tedious Human Tasks
Source: Chiragjain dr/Wikimedia Commons

Artificial Intelligence can also be considered a boon to humanity given the fact that it liberates humans and allows them to perform tasks in which they excel.

We can base the necessity of AI and its applications on the argument that this technology takes care of all the tedious tasks that human must perform in order to achieve varied results.


Machines excel in taking care of cumbersome works, and this leaves enough room and time for humans to work on more creative and interpersonal aspect of their life.

Let’s take the example of the banking sector that has and will be seeing a major breakthrough, thanks to the applications of AI. Financial institutions today are seen taking full advantage of this technology to make banking quicker and infinitely easier for the consumers.

This has gone a long way in helping financial analysts get some reprieve from the tedious nature of their jobs and focus on deeper research and analysis of all-around consumer experience.

 3. Smart Weather Forecasting

Smart Weather Forecasting with AI
Source: Mohammed Tawsif Salam/Wikimedia Commons

In the recent few years, we have seen the use of Artificial Intelligence and its technologies in weather and climate forecasting. The field of “Climate Informatics” is constantly blossoming as it inspires a fruitful collaboration between data scientists and climate scientists.


This collaboration has come up with tools to observe and analyze increasingly complex climate data. This has helped significantly in bridging the gap between understanding and data.

There are countless applications of AI aimed for accurate weather forecasting. IBM, for instance, used its computers to improve their forecasts back in 1996.

This American multinational has ever since been refining and enhancing its forecasting methods with the incorporation of AI.

Humans now have an increased understanding of the effects and reasons for climate change.

The field of weather forecasting is super demanding and calls for intensive computing and deep-learning networks that can empower computers to dish out complex calculations.

Therefore, the advances in AI and its enviable computational power have led to the emergence of supercomputers.

This has given the man a much-needed insight into extreme climatic events so that possible disasters and natural hazards can be given a wide berth.


4. Next Generation Disaster Response

AI for Disaster Response
Source: US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/Wikimedia Commons

California saw major destruction in 2017 due to the onslaught of wildfires. More than 1 million acres worth of land was reported burned in wildfires that claimed the lives of 85 people with 249 people listed as missing.

Due to the threats of climate change, more and more companies are now embracing artificial intelligence to fight disasters with algorithms.

Hence, AI has aptly demonstrated its indispensability in analyzing smart disaster responses and providing real-time data of disasters and weather events.

This is extremely useful for humans as they can detect the vulnerabilities of an area and hence help in improving disaster preparation.

The AI techniques are also beneficial as they warn us in a timely manner with enough room to organize ourselves in the face of an impending disaster and minimize loss.


It is also expected that deep-learning will soon be integrated with disaster simulations to come up with useful response strategies.

5. Frees Humans of The Obligation of Taking Up All Responsibilities

Modern Warfare with AI
Source: Program Executive Office Soldier/Flickr

It is a common belief that AI will one day be the end of humanity and robots and machines will take over the planet completely and permanently.

However, what is usually ignored is the fact that the incorporation of AI in our daily lives helps free us of all responsibilities that we do not want or need.

Needless to say, we cannot let superior intelligence blindly control us. However, not employing its benefits for our advantage would be an equally ignorant thing to do.

A persuasive example in this regard is the future of war and weaponry. AI shows immense promise as a potential application in war as stipulated in Paul Scharre’s book “Army of None.”


As stated in his book, in the future, militaries and machine intelligence are expected to work in tandem to conduct wars.

6. The Perfect Marriage of Creativity and Technology

AI can most definitely be called the perfect marriage of creativity and technology. Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a robotic machine that has the ability to think intelligently and creatively as well as translate these thoughts autonomously in varied human applications.

This fundamental basis of Artificial Intelligence is what has and can revolutionize the face of mankind. AI is not merely a unidimensional technology.

Its benefits and applications are far more important and noteworthy than its apprehensions, and this is precisely what will help humans in the future as well.

The Generation Z engagement strategies show just how AI marries creativity and technology to create the perfect results. Using the powerful tool of Artificial Intelligence, brands can now apply the correct technology to align with the needs and wishes of Gen Z.

This marketing solution that is largely data-driven is just one in a huge list of applications of AI in bringing its technological goodness and creativity together.

7. Zero Scope for Errors

AI for Better Accuracy
Source: Pixabay

Clive Swan, the Senior Vice President of Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps, shares the promise of AI and its automation as it eliminates the compulsion of human intervention an hence, removes all scope for human error.

The best thing about AI and its plenty of technologies is that it is error-free. Industries and organizations usually have to leave a significant room for human error because it is natural to see its presence in manual human labor.


Elon Musk and OpenAI Want to Create an Artificial Intelligence that Won't Spell Doom for Humanity

This is what industries primarily have to deal with, and it also puts hurdles in the road to innovations as well as scientific and technological advancements.

Therefore, it is high time that we admit that we need robots and machines to provide us with a high level of precision and accuracy, leaving zero room for error.

So, there you go! These are the top 7 and super persuasive reasons why Artificial Intelligence will help humanity and not harm it in the long run.

We already see the benefits of AI in our lives in leaps and bounds, and these advantages are only likely to see fruition in the future too.

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