8 of the Most Lifelike Sex Robots on the Market

Sex dolls, toys and other aides have been around for a very long time, but the development of lifelike sex robots might have reached a whole new level.

Are you a fan of Blade Runner? Perhaps you love Westworld (the amazing original and pretty good current series)? Then you'll be well versed in the concept of lifelike sex robots. Once the stuff of science fiction, various companies are now trying to make them a reality.

Although there has long been an abundance of sex aids, toys, and machines, lifelike sex robots up the ante, somewhat. With the growth in the lifelike sex dolls industry over the years, it was only a matter of time before you could actually interact with them.

So without further ado, here are 8 lifelike sex robots you could buy now, or be able to buy soon. The following are in no particular order and are not exhaustive. 

1. Harmony - Abyss Creations

The product of over 20 years of development of silicone sex dolls, Harmony is an anatomically correct "doll" with an animatronic head. She even comes with a programmable personality and memory.

Like other entries on this list, Harmony has sparked international media interest sparking fears of a future "dark side" of sex dolls as they become more and more lifelike. 

To be clear, Harmony is actually more of an AI "upgrade" to the company's existing range of sex dolls. You can even "try her out" using this app if you're feeling brave enough.

Harmony's creator is adamant that her primary role is intended as a companion for conversation with sex as an added "benefit". 

2. Lara Croft sexbot - Abyss Creations

From the same company as Harmony, their CEO Matt McMullen has hinted at developing another version based on the iconic computer game character. 

"A lot of prepubescent boys grew up playing Tomb Raider and were probably thinking 'wow I'd really like to meet the real Lara Croft and get to know her," he told the Daily Star Online

Although in its infancy and depending on the success of Harmony, fans of Tomb Raider may, one day, be able to "get to know" Lara Croft.

8 of the Most Lifelike Sex Robots on the Market
Alison Carroll as Lara Croft for the release of Tomb Raider: Underworld, 2008. Source: Georges Seguin/Wikimedia Commons

3. Actroid DER2 - Kokoro Company Limited

It is unclear whether Actroid DER2 is actually a sex-capable robot or not. The company who builds her are a little coy about the subject. 

Despite this, she can certainly interact with the "user" and boasts 'realistic silicone skin'. Whether or not "she" is a true lifelike sex robot, "she" is designed to try to seduce you anyway.

4. Roxxxy Sex Robot - truecompanion.com

Touted as the world's first sex robot, Roxxxy is sold by TrueCompanion for the measly sum of $9,995.00. According to their website, "she" is fully capable of conversation or more, if you want it.

Apparently, they make sure she knows your name, your likes, and dislikes and can hold a conversation as well as express "her" love for you. She can even have an orgasm, apparently.

Roxxxy is also anatomically correct and they will be releasing a male version soon!

8 of the Most Lifelike Sex Robots on the Market
Source: TrueCompanion

5. Chihira Aico - Toshiba

Yes, that's right from Toshiba. Chihira Aico was unveiled at the Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show in 2015. This Geisha-bot is supposed to be capable of showing realistic emotions and could, in the future, be trained to actually look after you.

This could, potentially, pave the way for replacing human workers and nurses or carers. At present, "she" can sing and talk to you and potentially provide "other" services.

 6. Andy the Android Sex Doll - First Androids

Andy has been developed by the German Robotic company, First Androids. "She" is, apparently, the most advanced sex doll in the world. Andy comes with a very realistic body and very convincing hair and eyebrows. 


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By all accounts, Andy is incapable of talking to you, however.

Apparently, Andy has a "heavy breathing" function and an actual "g-spot". First Androids has received over 4 million orders for their sexbots, which is actually quite amazing. It would seem there is indeed a large appetite for robotic lovers out there. Could this spark the creation for a new sex-bot brothel market? 

The future will tell.

 7. RealDoll2 - Abyss Creations

Yep, Abyss again. RealDoll2 is, according to the manufacturer "is the next generation of RealDoll technology". Building on their 17 plus years of experience making fine quality silicone dolls, they have taken their "art" to the next level.

This sex robot has two interchangeable faces with other "inserts" and "optional" removable parts at various "key" parts of the body. The doll's features include a hinged jaw to can open and close very realistically.

8 of the Most Lifelike Sex Robots on the Market
Source: Stacy Leigh/RealDoll 

8. Dutch Wives - Oriental Industries

Last but by no means least, are some of the most realistic "artificial women" in the world. Japanese Doll maker Oriental Industries have created a line of dolls that are almost indistinguishable from real women. 

Their sex dolls are made to the highest standard, with silicone skin. The result is a "staggeringly beautiful, high-grade masterpiece of design, functionality, and style." according to their website.

Although technically not a sex robot, per se, these dolls are indeed very lifelike to an almost "creepy" degree.

The final word

As creepy as the above actually are it is clear that there is a strong market out there for this kind of "service". Although it may seem benign to some as simply serving a "fetish" market, it could have real-world implications for society in general. Concerns include the breakdown in "normal" male and female relations with a potential further degradation in our notion of the family and marriage. 

Whatever your opinions on it, it is clear that these robots will become more abundant and more sophisticated with every passing moment. Are we ready for them? How will society at large be affected, if at all? The future for lifelike sex robots is by no means certain. 

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