A DIY Model Kit to Build the Car of Your Dreams

Build a metal version of your favorite old-time sports car for all to enjoy.

Have you ever wanted to ride in a silver bullet car? Can't you just feel it? The wind in your hair as you speed by other cars with luxurious style. 

You may not be able to own such a pricey car but you can make your own toy version of it. The Silver Bullet Metal DIY Model Kit lets you create a silver version of this vehicle that is great for putting on display for all to see.

It is also a lot of fun to make. The model is inspired by the winners of international car races from the beginning of the century and is a true joy to build and look at. 

Furthermore, under the car body, you will notice open steering rods that go to the front wheels and intricate engine gears that can be seen beneath the hood. These details add an extra layer of realism to an already impressive toy car.

Get this DIY kit and create a beautiful and realistic toy to display for only $54.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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