A Mosquito Killer Lamp Ideal for the Indoors or Outdoors

Moskiller is an innovative lamp that traps and kills mosquitoes without the use of harmful or noxious substances.

Mosquitoes are pesky annoying pests that can be found everywhere. Dealing with them can be complicated as even sprays won't keep them away and the fumes they produce ar noxious.

Meet Moskiller, an innovative lamp that traps and kills mosquitoes without the use of chemicals and other harmful substances. To achieve this, Moskiller brings together four technologies: a LED light source, bionic temperature, air turbulence, and physical drying that's more attractive to mosquitoes.

How does it work exactly? Moskiller has 5 LED light waves and a bionic temperature that increase the range of the light source attracting mosquitoes. Then, a seven-leaf fan generates a strong peripheral vortex airflow to suck and trap the mosquitoes.

Finally, the anti-escape mosquito storage box at the bottom of the lamp uses a physical air-drying method to kill the mosquitoes. The lamp also comes with a universal USB power port so you can use it with an adapter, a power bank, computer, and other devices

Best of all, the device operates at an almost quiet level that won't ever disturb you. Make mosquitoes a thing of the past with the Moskiller now for just $29.95 — over 25% off its usual price. 

Prices are subject to change.

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