Apple's Latest Big Launch Event Kicks-Off September 15

Apple's latest big launch will debut four versions of its iPhone 12 model, with two high-end phones.

Apple has announced an upcoming special event on September 15, according to the firm's website.

It will start at 1:00 PM EDT on Apple's website, and via a live stream on YouTube's website.


Apple's latest event kicks-off September 15

This comes on the heels of weeks-long speculation regarding Apple's fall event schedule, which typically is not hard to guess, reports Engadget. Recently, Apple has continued with its annual iPhone September press conferences, which have happened since 2012 — and usually happen on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of the month.

However, this year, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said during the firm's Q3 2020 earnings call that the latest iPhone models will be available for purchase "a few weeks" later than in previous years — in late September. This is likely because of production and supply problems arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

With the event's date known, we can focus on Apple's new products. During the event, the company is expected to unveil four new models for 2020 — including two slightly high-end iPhone 12 Pros, and two standard iPhone 12s. This would be the greatest number of iPhones the smartphone manufacturer has ever debuted in one event — which highlights the ongoing significance of Apple's less pricey devices.

Most notably, the new iPhone models pack the most substantial changes Apple has made to its smartphones in years.

UPDATE September 8, 12:40 PM EDT: iPhone 12s with OLED screens, A14 chips, 5G capability

The all-new iPhone 12 versions will use OLED screens and include Apple's new A14 chipset. Not only will this processor pack a stronger digital punch than its predecessors — but will also use a more power-efficient 5 nm process.

Saving energy is crucial as iPhones move forward with full 5G network support — but it's still unknown which ones will carry 5G. Sub-6 networks are the most common in the world, so support for the standard networks goes without saying.


However, the big mystery lies in whether the iPhone 12s will work with the faster and yet less common mmWave networks that Verizon and other companies' networks use.

UPDATE September 8, 1:10 PM EDT: New Apple Wach Series 6, larger iPad Air screen, fingerprint-sensor power button

And there might be more hardware coming. Apple will probably debut a new version of its Apple Watch — the Series 6 — which should have a larger battery, no Force Touch, and all the improvements we've seen in the watchOS 7.

With a little luck, the company might show off the new low-cost Apple Watch — allegedly in development as a Series 3 replacement, as a budget option for consumers.

A circulating rumor says Apple has a refreshed version of its iPad Air in store — which was re-introduced after years of silence in 2019. Reportedly, it'll use a larger 10.8-inch display with almost edge-to-edge coverage of the iPad's face. If we see it, it means the iPad mini and basic iPad will retain the company's classic design for tablets.


The old-style Touch ID sensor might be replaced by a fingerprint sensor pressed into the power button. Face ID probably won't go away, Engadget reports. Add an updated chipset, a magnetic Smart Connector to attach accessories, and a nifty USB-C port, and the tablet as a complete product will be comparable to Pro-level versatility — a rarity in budget-level devices.

As Apple's latest launch event on September 15 nears, there's much to be excited about. From several iPhone 12 models to next-gen 5G coverage and Pro-level versatility at budget prices — the future of smartphones is bright.

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