Artist Designs Precisely Cut Wooden Coral Reefs

Artist Designs Precisely Cut Wooden Coral Reefs

One LA-based artist has taken inspiration from coral reefs and creates some astoundingly beautiful laser-cut wood sculptures that make quite the statement piece for anyone's entryway. The work pictured below, by artist Joshua Abarbanel, is one of his larger pieces, but he also makes other smaller sculptures with similar designs. The artist begins by designing his work on the computer in a design software where it is then sent off to be cut out of various types of wood using a laser cutting machine.

design giant wooden reefs[Image Source: Joshua Abarbanel]

“As an artist, I explore forms and patterns, especially the colors, shapes, and compositions found in biological, botanical, and geological structures. I am interested in the relationship between the individual elements of structures and the larger forms of which they are a part. In many ways we all have one story we continually tell and mine is the relationship of the things that are almost unseeable and the interconnection of all life forms.” ~ Joshua Abarbanel 

These works of art are reminiscent of the beautiful colors and designs, maybe even engineering (?), found in coral reefs across the globe. Much of Abarbanel's work is now on display at the Porch Gallery in California until the end of May, according to High-Fructose.

cieling sculpture[Image Source: Joshua Abarbanel]

When engineering technologies come together with creative design, stunningly gorgeous works of art can be created. Both the work of the hand, and the designs of a computer have their own spaces within the realm of art and design, with one not diminishing the other. More of the beautiful coral reef sculptures can be seen below. I bet now you're wondering how to use that 3D printer or laser cutter to make awesome works of art in your spare time!

coral reef artist[Image Source: Joshua Abarbanel]

joshua abarbanel work [Image Source: Joshua Abarbanel]hanging reef globe[Image Source: Joshua Abarbanel]

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