Cetin Buyukogutcu

Cetin Buyukogutcu

SEO Executive

I studied Physics in Trakya University. After graduating, I chose a familiar sector for me as a translator but always had a thought in my mind to complete my academic career. After eight long years of translation, editing, and proof-reading between English and Turkish languages, I started my academic career in Istanbul Technical University. I still work on my thesis there. Physics and related subjects became a hobby for me over the years, besides reading sci-fi and fantasy books and listening to good music.

On January 2019 I decided to change my professional business career to something else I have been wondering for quite some time. With a little push from my soon to be colleagues, I took the plunge into Search Engine Optimization world. Now I have been working as a search engine optimization specialist for nearly one and a half. I love the energy and the feeling of curiosity when coding and technical perspectives come together with quality content that people always seek in this field. I want to go further in this continuously developing sector and become one of the most important and experienced people in SEO community.