Erdenay Kokden

Erdenay Kokden

SEO Manager

I am what you call a classic “go-getter”, with the perseverance of a mountain goat, and standards that would rival the prince of Brunei. What started out as a hobby ended up being a career. I have been avidly doing SEO since 2002 with my first AdSense account being confirmed in 2004. I started out doing SEO on personal projects, moved on to working on client sites, and now I’m a part of the Interesting Engineering team! 

I grew up in New Jersey, moved to Istanbul in 2007. Completed my BA in American Culture and Literature in 2013, Finished up my MA in Political sciences and public administration a few short years later. After a good friend motivated and helped me in finding a job in advertising I got the chance to do SEO professionally.

I enjoy all aspects of Digital marketing, during my downtime I enjoy gaming and turning a wrench on things that are probably not broken, but about to be broken. I’m curious by nature so I tend to want to take things apart and put them back together to figure out how they work. I’ve figured out how to take things apart in my early years, learning to put them back together is an art form that I’m still learning.