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Fabienne Lang


Fabienne is a Berlin-based lifestyle, tech, and travel freelance writer and editor. As a fanatic of travel and experiences, 68 countries and counting, Fabienne leads an active and diverse lifestyle sharing her insights and tips along the way. Her words have appeared in international and national print and online publications: Exberliner, Culture Trip, Echelon, Giddy, Interesting Engineering, and more. You’ll most likely find Fabienne voraciously reading, writing or on an active trip in far-fetched lands.

Articles by Fabienne Lang
Articles by Fabienne Lang
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Time to shed our preconceptions that marriage and having a family are what make women happy. Expert, Paul Dolan's study demonstrates how the happiest subgroup in the population is single, childless women.

Fabienne Lang | May 29, 2019 05:49 AM EST