Farah Saleem

Farah Saleem

Managing Editor

Having worked in the publishing business since 2004, Farah has been working in the non-profit/open access publishing space for the last five years, before joining IE. She has a Master's from Central European University and a Bachelor's from the University of Toronto in International Relations, Public Policy and European Studies with academic summer stints at the London School of Economics and the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Since finishing her academic studies, she has worked in various industries including the non-profit, government and research fields, given her interests in the arts, education and AI, international politics and aesthetics.

In 2015, she was an invited participant at the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey and previously attended the 2010 G8/G20 Canada Summits as a Researcher for the G8/G20 Research Groups. She has a Cambridge University certificate for teaching English and for the last 6 years, has also worked as an English Instructor.

A tea aficionado, and frequent traveler who has lived in six countries, Farah currently divides her time between her native hometown in Toronto, Canada, and her adopted home in Izmir, Turkey.