Mert Serim

Mert Serim

Senior Content Strategist

Mert has experience in media, communication, and creative industries since 2010. He developed new skills with his curiosity and tools of the internet, has become a jack of all trades in his early 20's. He has been an editor, content creator, panel moderator, community manager, social media specialist, content and project manager, even a translator, and webmaster in various companies and organizations. 

He has been part of internet communities and subcultures. He has an interest in video games, tabletop role-playing games, memes, music, digital arts as well as the latest trends in technology, science, design, and communication. Besides having a degree in Economics, he reaped what he sowed and shaped his career around the internet along with its emerging opportunities. He has joined Interesting Engineering team as Senior Content Strategist to shine his talents and create valuable content for its readers. 

Last but not least, he is striving to reduce his carbon footprint and tries to live with more sustainable practices.