Become a Jack of All Trades with These 5 Lifetime Memberships

The Complete eLearning Bundle Ft. 5 Lifetime Memberships offers you a lifetime access to five courses on cybersecurity, business, programming, IT, languages and more.

Do you love learning new things? Do you consider yourself a bit of a jack of all trades? What if you could constantly acquire new skills at your own pace and from the comfort of your home?

The Complete eLearning Bundle Ft. 5 Lifetime Memberships offers you a lifetime access to five courses on business, programming, IT, languages and more so you never have to stop learning or developing yourself. First up is the School of Game Design which offers courses for developers of all skill levels led by expert instructors.

This class will help you learn game development and design at your own pace, giving you access to an enormous library of step-by-step training videos. Next up is Cudoo, the world’s first one-for-one eLearning community offering more than 800 online courses spanning languages, entrepreneurship, management, and more. 

Third, CyberTraining 365 will help you master Cyber Security techniques such as Analyzing Malware, Penetration Testing, Advanced Persistent Threats, Threat Intelligence Research, Reverse Engineering, and much more. Fourth, Skill Builder Pro will help you develop your soft skills, one of the most important facets of personal development.

Finally, last but not least, Upskill will teach you full-stack web development from industry professionals, covering modern languages, tools, and frameworks. Get a lifetime access to all these five classes in just one bundle now for $99-- over 99% off its usual price. 

Prices are subject to change.

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