Benex Finds Solution to Painful Tooth Extraction

Benex Finds Solution to Painful Tooth Extraction

Extensive decay, a cracked tooth which is beyond repair or an incorrectly positioned teeth are just some of the reasons one may require a tooth extraction. However, even grown men struggle to find the courage to visit an oral surgeon. People endure toothaches, mashed-up food and sleepless nights to avoid the dentist's chair.

The fear of tooth extraction may be a thing of the past as the Benex company finds a solution to painful tooth extraction.

Benex has "redefined extraction" by creating a painless method of tooth extraction. A group of dental surgeons based out of Switzerland developed the extraction system. According to the company, tooth extraction with the BenexExtractor "causes less pain" and "preserves bones and soft tissue."

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Extraction Process

The extraction process begins with the loosening of the root. The dental surgeon loosens the root in order to make the root extraction smoother. The tooth is then pulled out to allow the dentist better access.

The dentist proceeds to create a hole within the root using a diamond drill. He then places an 'extraction screw' into the hole which attaches to a mechanical clamp.

The clamp is positioned on the adjacent tooth in order to give the dentist a better grip of the root. The adjacent tooth also provides the dentist with a stable base.

The dentist is now able to detach the root from the socket with a few gentle twists, allowing a smooth extraction from the mouth.

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The BenexExtractor is becoming more and more popular in dental practices around the world. It's considered by some as a vital part of a dental practice as it provides an alternative to surgically removing the root.

This medical device may be the answer to the pain and anxiety felt when visiting the dentist, which according to Hate Dentist are two of the top 10 reasons why people hate dentists.

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Written by Terry Berman