Boston Dynamics Shows off Spot the Robot Dog's Arm Tricks in New Video

Picks up laundry, opens doors, plants plants, switches lights on and off, what can't Spot do now?

Boston Dynamics Shows off Spot the Robot Dog's Arm Tricks in New Video
Spot using its new arm Boston Dynamics/YouTube

Spot the Boston Dynamics' robot dog keeps adding more and more skills up its sleeve. On Monday, the robotics company released a short YouTube video showing off all the new tricks Spot can do with its robotic arm system. 

If you thought Spot was already impressive helping out in nuclear power plants, or dancing in unison, you're in for a treat.

Boston Dynamics has slowly been bringing Spot the robot dog with its extendable arm out into the world. For example last year, the NYPD released a video where they were training Spot and its new arm to be part of the team — the robot and its arm proved useful in opening doors and being used in instances where officers would be at risk.

What Spot does with its robotic arm

Now, it looks like Spot can dig holes for plants, pick up laundry, open and shut valves and light switches, sketch on the ground using chalk, opens doors, and much more — all thanks to its robotic arm. 

The extendable arm mounts at the front of Spot's frame and swirls, extends, retracts, picks up and drops down, on command. The arm has a large pincer-like "mouth" at the end of it, used for clasping on to objects as needed. 

It may look a little reminiscent of a small robotic dinosaur with a long and awkward neck, but it's still impressive. The part near the end of the video that was especially magnificent was when two Spot robots held and swirled a rope while a third jumped over it in a jump rope game. That's some great control.

Spot the robot dog is already available for sale with add-ons, such as a lidar system and a tablet controller. 

Boston Dynamics' video comes just a day ahead of its official launch of an expanded Spot line, which takes place today, February 2, and can be live-streamed on the company's YouTube channel.


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