Build a Miniature of Your Dream Car with This Model Kit

The Royal Voyager Metal DIY Model Kit is great for displays.

We all have a dream car in mind. We can just imagine cruising the highway in it, windows open, and the wind in our hair. And what if the miniature cars are even better than the real ones?

A miniature version of our dream vehicle that we can enjoy building ourselves and displaying for show and beauty in our homes is just one click away. And one such metallic dream car is the Royal Voyager Metal DIY Model Kit.

The kit allows you to build a shining and realistic metal sedan from the glorious and dreamy era of big engines and 70s rock stars. Even better, the car comes with parts that mimic reality which means you can raise the hood and learn more about the structure of the engine.

It also drives on its own. Simply wind up the handle in the engine block and turn on the start lever. But don't let its practicality fool you.

This model car is a uniquely eye-catching, and beautiful decoration that can be displayed in any room or place that needs to be livened up. No one will believe you built it yourself and yet you get to enjoy the process of constructing this car.

Get this metal model car kit now for $79.95

Prices are subject to change.

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