Build a Silver Model of the Heavenly Hercules with This DIY Kit

Recreate a toy version of this famous plane either for play or to display.

Have you ever dreamed of flying in the air on a glorious plane? What about on the Heavenly Hercules? The real-life visionary plane to this day remains the owner of the largest wingspan of any aircraft.

While you might not be able to catch a ride on the Heavenly Hercules, you could recreate it and enjoy a toy version of it. This Metal DIY model kit creates a shiny impressive and realistic version of the famous plane.

Better yet, the eight-motor model plane is powered by a mechanism in its base. It also features a special mechanical formula that allows all the propellers to move simultaneously.

You have the choice to display it in any room you think needs to be spruced up or take it off its base to examine its realistic traits. It also makes a great gift for that rare person that has everything and is truly on the lookout for something unique and eclectic.

This beautiful plane is now available for $119.95

Prices are subject to change.

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