Build Your Own Games With a Lifetime of Game Design Training

School of Game Design offers over 120 hours of training to fast track you on the path to creating your video game.

If you have an affection for video games, be they platformers, RPGs, or first-person shooters, you've quite possibly considered creating your own. However, for many, those thoughts are quickly dashed once you consider all the coding, design, and programming tools you need to learn before you can even get started.

But it's not all as tough as it seems. The School of Game Design can fast track you on the path to creating your video game — without burying you under mounds of code — by guiding you through more than 120 hours of intuitive, beginner-friendly training in the industry's best tools.

The School of Game Design adopts a hybrid approach, training its students to be confident programmers as well as artists. Tackling animation, artistry, modeling, and more, the School of Game Design will familiarize you with all aspects of game development. You'll receive support from instructors who have real industry experience, and a subscription to School of Game Design grants you unlimited access to thousands of dollars in royalty-free game art and textures that you can use at your discretion. 

With these assets, you'll get hands-on training creating advanced 2D and 3D games that you can publish anywhere. Make your way through the entire collection, and you'll master computer modeling and animation techniques as well as foster both coding and digital artistry skills using tools like Unity 3D and Maya.

You can kickstart your game building education with a lifetime subscription to School of Game Design, on sale for a limited time. Normally retailing for $5,590, you can sign up for a lifetime subscription today for only $69, saving more than 90 percent off the usual price.

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