Can You Crack This Sequential Code?

Engineers love cracking codes and solving riddles, but can you solve this code and predict what the next line is going to be?

Most engineers love to solve puzzles and show their superior math skills over worthy adversaries. Not to mention, working on solving riddles and puzzles can keep your brain sharp, and maybe it will even help you ace that next test. The Maths Doctor spends his time making short puzzle videos on youtube, and he has recently released a rather interesting code-breaking challenge. The "top secret code" is a series of numbers, sequentially organized in columns. The goal is to predict what the final line of the puzzle will be a 'break the code'. Check out the short video below and see if you know the answer.

Some of you may already know the answer, but others are likely failing to see any sort of pattern to the numbers. Solving this trick requires a little out of the box thinking, but you will get there . . . eventually.

Want to give up? Check out the short solution video below, and you will be racking your brain about why you didn't figure it out!

The code is fairly simple in the end, but it doesn't follow any numerical pattern, rather a more logical one. Each line is the counting of the numbers in the previous line, sequentially. The first line just has a 1, and the second line counts the first by saying there is 1, 1, and so on.

What are some of your favorite riddles and puzzles? If you want to challenge people with riddles, or even just ask your most pressing engineering questions, come over and join Interesting Engineering's Q&A group here.

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