Capture Candid Moments Hands-Free with This Smart Selfie Stick

Using AI technology, Robo automatically recognizes your face and follows you wherever you go.

Ever wanted to capture the perfect shot but your hands got in the way? The Robo Smart Gimbal lets you film yourself totally hands-free.

The device works with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Robo automatically recognizes your face and follows you wherever you go. It is capable of achieving intelligent shooting.

This means that once your face is detected, Robo starts taking pictures or videos automatically. The two-person shooting mode also allows you to freeze intimate moments. 

Robo takes selfies automatically at a fixed time of 3 seconds and rotates 360° to follow you and keep you centered in the frame. It features a horizontal orbit rotation while a built-in innovative AI offers real-time target tracking shooting function.

This means it can chase the displacement of objects and automatically capture interesting pictures. Robo is ideal for a variety of events and platforms including but not limited to lectures, sporting events, presentations, group photos, adventure shots, Instagram, Facebook Live, vlogging and more.

Want to get perfect pictures? Don't wait any longer get a 1 pack of Robo now for just $39.99 — over 69% off its usual price. A 2-pack is also available for $67.99

Prices are subject to change.

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