China Reports No New Domestic Cases of COVID-19 for the First Time since the Outbreak Started

The few new reported cases all came from recent overseas travelers returning to China.

Finally, some good news amidst the worldwide coronavirus outbreak: on Wednesday China reported no new domestic cases of coronavirus. The only, few, cases to be reported came from overseas travelers returning to China. 

This is a major milestone in the country's fight against the virus. 

Good news

China's national health commission said on Thursday that they recorded 34 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, but all had come from overseas. Moreover, in Hubei province, where the outbreak is said to have begun, there were no new reported cases at all on Wednesday. This is a major positive note for the nation, which has suffered the most number of cases and deaths so far. 


China took what seemed like drastic measures to try and contain the outbreak, essentially closing Hubei and its surrounding provinces off from the rest of the country and the world. It appears that these measures may have been beneficial. 

Many nations are following suit in closing their borders to anyone other than residents and citizens, so as to try and minimize the spread of the virus. 

In China, as in the rest of the world, the situation continues to be closely monitored. If there are no new reported cases in China over the space of two weeks, the lockdown on Wuhan will be lifted, the China Daily reported.

There were eight more deaths in Hubei, bringing the total number in China to 3,245. The commission also stated that the country has had more than 81,000 cases, with just 7,263 still ill. 

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