China's New KJ-600 Looks Suspiciously Similar to American Hawkeye

China's KJ-600, which has been spotted from afar, reportedly made its maiden flight on August 2.

China's new KJ-600 airborne early warning and control aircraft has been spotted at the CFTE at Xi'an-Yanliang Airbase. The aircraft, which reportedly made its maiden flight on August 29, looks remarkably like the American Hawkeye.

Much like the Hawkeye, the KJ-600 won't be a fighter — instead, it will act as an early warning and surveillance system that will help aircraft carriers know where to deploy its jets and when.


The KJ-600 is likely to be a very familiar sight to aircraft enthusiasts. Low-res photos have emerged over the last few days — one at Xi'an-Yanliang Airbase and the other during the aircraft's reported maiden flight — showing the plane, which looks almost identical to the E-2 Hawkeye.

The shape of the KJ-600, as well as the radome mounted atop the aircraft, would be easily mistaken for a Hawkeye who didn't know what they were really looking at.

The plane was developed by the Xi’an Aircraft Company, which also manufactured China's Y-20 heavy transport airplane.

As Popular Mechanics reports, the KJ-600 won't fly from China's existing aircraft carriers, Liaoning and Shandong, as both of these use ski jumps to lift fighter jets into flight. Propellor planes like the E-2 Hawkeye and KJ-600 simply can't generate enough power to take off on such a short runway.

China's New KJ-600 Looks Suspiciously Similar to American Hawkeye
An E-2C Hawkeye, Source: Wikimedia Commons

Instead, China’s new plane will operate from the in-construction new Type 003 carrier which will be the first Chinese aircraft carrier with a catapult system that can launch large propellor aircraft into the air. 

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