City Hall Renovation Reveals 20th Century Tiled Floor, Leads to More Discoveries

It is amazing what was hiding under the grey vinyl flooring.

Making something new isn't necessarily a good thing. In such an example, a renovation at the city hall of Jersey City unveiled a majestic early 20th century tiled floor, and it is beyond imagining why it was covered in the first place.

Recently, the city hall had gone into renovation to make use of the downtime caused by the quarantine by doing the projects that would've been inconvenient for the residents. The work of the builders revealed an early 20th century tiled floor and they restored the flooring to make it look anew. 


The discovery was made public by the mayor of Jersey City, Steven Fulop, who shared the story through Twitter. 

Finding such a beautiful piece of history, when thinking they would find garbage must have been pretty cool. 

Apparently, several renovations have occurred in the hall built back in the 19th century. According to the web page for New Jersey City, the exterior was changed in 1955, and in the late '70s, contemporary design changes were applied to the lawn. The interior was affected by the renovations too: Many original designs were painted over, which has now been unveiled. 

Many people were shocked to see something so ugly would be used to cover up something so beautiful. This reveal inspired many people to share their own discoveries on Twitter. 

Here are some examples that are quite literally this, but in reverse:


To think somebody thought it was a good idea to cover that wooden floor with CARPET is just lunatic. 

It was so pretty in the first place... Why would you cover it?

Check out those beautiful patterns!

Everything was truly prettier back then.

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