WISP Industries

  San Marcos, CA, United States

Our Mission

To revolutionize how you clean through common-sense, scientific based sweeping products which are faster, more efficient, and easier to use than generations-old broom and dustpan. To offer thoughtful and practical products reducing people’s cleaning efforts and increasing their quality of life with family and pets.

Our Story

He was nicknamed “Wisp” by his golf buddies because San Diego native, Eben Dobson III was slight in stature yet had power to drive a golf ball over 300 yards. He never thought it would be namesake to products he’d one day create and a vibrant business he’d lead.

Eben’s products were functionally pure and mechanically sound – like his golf swing. They were sleek, lightweight, but strong. And his company? It’s disrupting the cleaning industry. And it could very well sweep the broom and dustpan into the dumpster.

His first invention was a special hand-brush with unique bristles to clear debris from the golf green. Eben advocated for USGA approval on the golf course. Approved! The competitive Dobson knew he was onto something when people kept “borrowing” his invention and taking it home.

WISP was actually innovative – when the word innovative has become all but cliche. It was the bristles! And it was the way it out-performed any broom/dustpan, vacuum, or mop. It was the system. This was unique. Even unprecedented. The soft electrostatic polymer bristles proved magic at capturing dirt, dust, pet fur, even glass shards and other debris. And it cleaned virtually every surface.

From Dobson’s inspiration, WISP Industries, Inc. was formed in 2012. Its objective: Design products that reinvent the way we clean. Scientifically based, and more unique. Products that work faster, easier, and more efficiently – with less time and energy spent. And certainly less aches and pains from the frustration of kneeling, stooping, and re-sweeping.

From a simple golf etiquette tool was born a line of products. Driven by lifelong ambition, Eben turned the ordinary into the extraordinary. Where others saw the broom and dustpan as mundane, he did not. What Eben did was recognize a need to reinvent the broom and dustpan – generations-old products that for centuries lacked any innovation.

Dobson’s life experiences led him to create the WISPsystem, a breakthrough alternative to broom and dustpan that eliminates back and knee pain. It’s called WISPing. Just try it. You’ll see.

Today, we invite you to be part of our unfolding story as WISP Industries’ plan for the future is to take this elegant and simple system globally. From a happy accident on the golf course to a family of products that changes the way people clean forever. WISP. The evolution of sweeping.

How We Were Born

When he designed a device to clear debris from the golf green, competitive scratch golfer Eben Dobson III had no idea it would also end up in homes.But you know you’re onto something when people keep “borrowing” your invention and taking it home.

It wasn’t hard to understand why: the WISP®’s innovative, electrostatic polymer bristles are amazingly effective at capturing dirt, pet fur, lint and other debris to clean floors, carpets, upholstery and outdoor surfaces like no other tool on the market.

From Dobson’s inspiration, WISP® Industries was formed in 2012 with a mission of designing products to truly reinvent the way we clean our floors. From a simple golf etiquette tool was born a full line of WISP® products that have revolutionized the home/floor cleaning experience.

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