10 Best Engineering YouTube Channels

YouTube is not only about make-up tutorials and vlogs, there's lots of educational info as well. Check out our top 10 best engineering YouTube channels.
Interesting Engineering

Yes, we know – YouTube is mostly about funny videos and beauty bloggers but don’t rush to close this page yet! There are a lot of smart, educational and interesting channels to learn new things, remind you of topics you studied previously and inspire you to achieve great things in life! Scroll down to find out what to watch during lunch breaks and not to waste your time.

1. SmarterEveryDay

Having over 3,5m subscribers the channel owner Destin uploads lots of fascinating videos about all sorts of things: science, animals, illnesses, medicine and engineering. The name speaks for itself - you indeed become smarter every day!

2. Veritasium

One of the best engineering channels on YouTube, featuring science stories, interviews with experts in their fields, demos and much more. Remember those fun experiments you did in a physics class in school? Well, it is time to get a little upgrade on that!

3. Vsauce

This channel has videos about all sorts of different topics and every single one of them carries some new piece of information. Don’t be misguided by its titles – ‘Some surprising things’ and ‘What is random?’ are still about science, not just vlogs.

4. MinutePhysics

No funny videos here, just solid physics and science related info. Many of the videos come in cute little drawings and will answer any of your (or even your kids) questions: how do airplanes fly? Why is it harder to drive backwards? Why is the sky blue? Already curious? Click through!

5. Interesting Engineering

Check out Interesting Engineering on YouTube as well! We are regularly posting a lot of funny, interesting and exciting videos! Don't miss out on any of them - follow us now!

6. CrashCourse

It is like school classes but much better. This channel is featuring many videos on anatomy, physiology, astronomy, politics and economics. Missed out on pretty much every science class in school? It is never too late to study!

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7. Engineering.com

Having a blog with the same name, they are now having a YouTube channel as well. Lots of fun videos, DIYs and talks – there is something for every engineer.


8. Thebrainscoop

If you can watch the Walking Dead and eat pasta at the same time then you pass this channel's test. Videos on dissecting a wolf, mummy brains, Amazonia trees, shark weapons – well, you know what to expect.

9. CGP Grey

These guys have all sorts of videos – about science, geography, flags, politics and much more. They all come in fun drawings, sketches and diagrams, and are super easy to watch and understand even for those who hated science classes at school.

10. Khan Academy

Yes, you heard right – this is not just a random channel but a whole school in its own! Whilst it is not something you would want to watch during a lunch break, their videos are highly educational for those studying math and science at college and university or for those who just want to freshen their knowledge of any topic.

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