10 Best Resources to Play Engineering Games

If you are bored and have nothing to do, click through and play a few of the hundreds of engineering games we just found!
Interesting Engineering

Several popular engineering blogs and online publications started featured games on their websites and we decided it was time to compile a list of 10 best sites to play engineering games. Enjoy!

Engineering Games

A simple site with few dozens of games aimed at testing your engineering skills and logic. There are also quite a few games on electricity and robots. Have a go!

PBS Kids

Yes, this is a resource for kids but don’t we all sometimes watch cartoons and play childish games? Go ahead and built a robot or play in an inventor’s workshop. No judging!

Construction Games

These games are all related to construction, as you have already probably guessed. They have everything from building bridges and towers to workshops and test pilots - and will definitely keep you busy for a while!

Daily Free Games

This site does have an enormous amount of different games and puzzles and quite a few of them are related to mechanical engineering. And there are your first tasks - find them!

NASA Space Place

Apart from answering questions like ‘Why does the sun not burn us’ and ‘How does GPS work’, NASA’s online playground has a whole page full of different games, most of which (but not all!) are related to space and science.

Just for fun

This is a place for puzzle-solvers and those who want to test their skills. Choose the right bridge for the right location, save a burning skyscraper with the right material and pick a tunnel-digging technique.

Most Popular


This is an incredible resource for kids and students wishing to know more about STEM subjects and to play a few games as well. Land a comet, go to Mars or play planet Sudoku - we are sure you will enjoy the site!


Try Engineering

Another great place to try out game like ‘car racing’, ‘bionic arm challenge’ and ‘quantum moves’. Compete with our users for high scores and increase your brain productivity.

Civil Engineering Games

Click through to find a whole list of various puzzles you could be interested in if you are a civil engineer. Construction, structural engineering, bridge building, excavation and a number of other games are waiting to be played!


This engineering blog has a varied collection of hundreds of different games to play. Conduct experiments, create sequences to manufacture products and build bridges – all in one place.

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