10 Best Websites for Civil Engineers

Look no further for help - here are your 10 best websites for civil engineers! Whether you are a student or a graduate this is your savior.
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This is part 2 of a three-part series of helpful websites. For mechanical engineers – click here, and for electrical – here.

Whether you are only thinking of studying civil engineering in college or have already been in the industry for years, the following 10 great resource will be of much help to you!

  1. Institution of Civil Engineers

The ICE is a registered not-for-profit organization with members located in many countries across the globe. Apart from being able to become a member, get help and visit their events, you can also look through their resource tab and find lots of helpful information right there and then. On this site, you can also find lots of courses, training material, professional qualification support and other services that should help your professional development. 


  1. Civil Engineering Dictionary

A great tool for civil engineering students – there is a lot of information on different subjects, tutorials, e-books and even a jobs board. here you can read technical articles and improve your knowledge in different areas including environmental engineering, building construction, structural engineering, infrastructure engineering and so on. There is also a download menu where you can get management software for various projects as well as other useful programs. 

  1. Civil Engineering Web

This is an online platform with hundreds of articles and resources that would be of interest to civil engineers. Scroll through the whole thing or choose your area of expertise and learn something new.

  1. Civil Engineer

A great online resource for both students and teachers with tons of different books, course materials, software, quizzes, and journals. You can also find links pointing you to job sites, construction equipment, and bookstores. 

Most Popular
  1. American Society of Civil Engineers

Despite being an American Society it has members present in more than 140 countries in the world making it one of the biggest, international community of its kind. ASCE, the oldest national engineering organization, helps all the fellow civil engineers in their studies, work, and any other relevant issues. It is a leading provider of technical and professional conferences and continuing education, the world’s largest publisher of civil engineering content, and an authoritative source for codes and standards that protect the public.

  1. New Civil Engineer

Mainly focusing on civil engineering, this informative website will help a high school student to choose what to study in university and which college to apply to. For those already knowing what they want to do, it is a great resource to understand what problems a civil engineering student might face and what’s crucial to your success.

  1. Civil Engineer

Whether you are looking for news in civil engineering or want to talk to other people in your industry this resource would be great! It has lots of quality publications and forums for civil, structural and geotechnical engineers. Besides academic resources, this is a great place to start building your career - networking section gives you access to various institutes, societies, and other free resources where you can connect with other professionals from your field. 

  1. Civil Engineering Portal

This portal would be most useful to students, as it has a large selection of journals, magazines, books, and software - all for civil engineers. In case you are unsure of whether you should study civil engineering, Civil Engineering Portal has lots of info on various disciplines to help you make a decision or just broaden your knowledge.

  1. CESDb

CESDb stands for Civil Engineering Software Database and it is a brilliant resource for students looking for new software. Browse by type of engineering or operating systems and find the one software perfect for you.

  1. Civil Digital

If you in the midst of choosing a project topic look no further. This website offers a great selection of various uncommon and interesting topics with PowerPoints, presentations and videos to guide you through.


What is your favorite site? would you like to add something to this list?

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