10+ Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students

Websites like Circuit Lab, Hackaday, and Octopart are great starting points.
Donovan Alexander

No need to search for what the most helpful websites are anymore. We compiled a list of 10+ best resources for electrical engineers and students to refer to in a case of a problem or simply for news and articles.

1. Electrical Engineering Portal

10+ Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students

Source: Electrical Engineering Portal

Lots of different articles on electrical engineering, guides to using electrical software, explanations of various theorems and laws, and even research papers – a great public resource for both students and those already graduated.

If you need to download a program for electrical calculations, this is definitely a place you should visit. There is also a large amount of high-quality literature that is available for download.

2. Electronics

If there is something you didn’t understand in class – no worries, Electronics has got you covered! Choose your area and then a substantial list of various topics will fall out in front of you with audio presentations and simple, easy to understand explanations. Among others, you can read about industrial management, commercial application, customers, work safety, and protection. 

3. Electrical 4 U

10+ Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students
Source: Electrical 4 U

A study site created by experienced engineers in order to help their fellow colleagues. Whatever your question is, you would probably find an answer on this platform. The company provides lots of info regarding electric power, renewable energy (such as solar and wind energy), power distribution, and control as well as new technology. 

4. All about circuits

As you have already guessed by the name, this site is all about circuits – there are lots of technical and industry content, video lectures, and worksheets for students and a forum where you can get social and discuss any problem encountered at your studies or work.

Once you log in, you can apply for various giveaways. Another great feature is the tools section. Here you can perform various calculations, test equipment, check the library, and so on. 

5. Wolfram Demonstrations Project 

10+ Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students
Source: Wolfram Demonstrations Project

This site is not only great for electrical engineers but also for students of many other disciplines. Simply choose the subject you are interested in and click on the demonstration of whatever topic you feel unsure about.

You can explore topics such as computation, mathematics, engineering and technology, systems, models and methods, and so on. There are also demonstrations that are bound to help any future professional.

6. Virtual Labs

This site provides remote access to labs in different disciplines of science and engineering and caters mainly to undergrad and postgrad students. It is a full learning management system dedicated to any student regardless of his current education level.

Once you log in online, you will have free access to various data and tools including web resources, animated demonstrations, videos, electronic books, etc. The site is meant to provide resources to university students and researchers who are otherwise unable to get to them due to time and geographical distance constraints. 

7. MIT OpenCourseWare

10+ Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students
Source: OpenCourseWare

This one is for those of you who love to learn or who want to build on their electrical engineering skills. In short, MIT OpenCourseWare is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity. Top tier courses and resources are available on this website. If you are looking for a place to start, be sure to look through here.


The main focus of the site is virtual classes with subcategories such as 3D printing, CNC, electronic, workshop, sewing, craft, and so on. Regardless of your daily job, this website can teach you how to work with various types of equipment and create different objects. 

8. Makezine

An amazing place for creative minds! If you are thinking of making something yourself or are unsure about a project check this website out – they have lots of various DIY guides and fun projects to do. While it is not an ideal blog for an engineer seeking to improve knowledge, it is great for people who wish to create tools, devices, and various other objects.

9. Electronics Weekly

10+ Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students
Source: Electronics Weekly  

Electronics Weekly is a good resource for those looking for industry-related news. There are topics in business, design, products, and all of them are directly related to electrical engineering. You also use it to view available jobs or post jobs yourself. Please have in mind that you need to create an account and sign in before you can do this.

10. TutorialsPoint

10+ Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students
Source: TutorialsPoint

Stuck on an electrical engineering problem? Need some electrical engineering career advice? TutorialsPoint is an excellent tool. The website has a host of educational tools that lead to official certificates. TutorialsPoint is hailed for is teachers and a strong student community. 

11. Circuit Lab

10+ Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students
Source: Circuit Lab

The ultimate interactive electronic textbook? Circuit Lab allows you to simulate circuits and schematics with their easy to use platform. Here you are able to design with their initiative easy-to-use schematic editor. With this too, you are about to create professional schematics PDFs and wiring diagrams. Check out Circuit Lab if this sounds like your cup of tea.

12. Hackaday

On the website, you will find popular technical blogs, videos, and webinars that provide information on the latest in electronics trends that include but are not limited to electrical engineering and wireless technologies. The overarching goal of Hackaday is to "connect with a community of thousands of engineers and innovators from all over the world and to create and source your next electronics project with access to 24/7 community support to tackle tough project challenges."