10 Great Initiatives that Bring Girls into STEM

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It is not a secret that science and engineering professions are occupied mainly by men with only about 20% taken by females. The number of women on executive boards is also extremely low. In order to succeed, both female and male minds are needed for any kind of jobs, especially in science-related industries. Let’s see what initiatives already exist in order to bring more girls and women into STEM!

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1000 girls – 1000 futures - USA

This initiative, launched by New York Academy of Science in 2014 is a 3-year long plan to encourage more girls to study sciences and choose careers in technological and engineering spheres. The program directors are determined to provide girls with mentors who will guide them through the first stages of choosing the perfect career in STEM.

hEr Volution – Canada

A non-profit organization based in Canada is pioneering science careers among girls and young women. They are promoting increased government and individual stakeholders’ involvement in supporting girls to study STEM subjects, and are trying to change gender stereotypes.

Ciência sem Fronteiras – Brazil

This government initiative was created in order to increase and advance the science and engineering industries in Brazil through mobility and international exchange. They are determined to send students and researchers abroad to study STEM subjects in the best universities around the world.

Robotix – India

A free program ‘Indian Girls Code’ led by robotics education company Robotix, is designed to encourage young girls to study STEM subjects, particularly technology and computer science. Focusing on children from underprivileged backgrounds, it is a great opportunity for girls to turn their lives to the better side!

European Centre for Women and Technology – Europe

A partnership of more than 130 organizations aims at increasing the percentage of women in the digital economy. Having representations from the government, the business sector, academic institutions and the non-profit sector, this center is a powerful resource for all women who are interested in STEM careers.

Science in Australia Gender Equity – Australia

The SAGE programme managed by the Australian Academy of Science is aimed at improving gender equity in the technology sector and is fully accredited for higher education and research.

Organization for Women in Science in the Developing World

Mainly focusing on the developing countries, this non-profit organization is the first international forum that unites female scientists from the third-world countries and helps them increase their presence in the world of science by providing training, career development courses and opportunities for networking.

Technovation – International

Technovation offers a great technology entrepreneurship program for girls from any country and background. Being completely free, it challenges young females to build their own apps that should help their communities. No knowledge of programming needed!

Girls in Tech – Global

An international non-profit organization ‘Girls in Tech’ is oriented at all females who wish to connect their lives with technology. They offer a plentiful of various events, conferences and programs all over the world to support and accelerate the growth of female potential.

Little Miss Geek – International

Little Miss Sunshine has just been upgraded to Little Miss Geek, which is aimed at inspiring and encouraging young women to have careers in tech. Having their own book, which is about how to overcome the gender gap in the industry, an online campaign and even a course. This is a great resources for all females out there who wish to become tech experts!

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