10 of the Best Life Hacks We Found on the Internet

Looking for some great life hacks? Here are 10 handy tips we could find on the Internet.
Christopher McFadden

Life is complicated enough with some common annoyances we could all do without. From avoiding steamy car windows, to getting all the toothpaste out of the tube, the following ten are some of the best life hacks we could find on the Internet.

The following list is in no particular order and is far from exhaustive.

1. Use frozen grapes to cool wine

Just can't wait for that Chardonnay to chill? You could stick it in the freezer for a bit or calm down and let it chill in the fridge. For those who just have to crack it open why not try out this awesome example of best life hacks.

Instead of using ice, why not plunk some frozen grapes into your 'plonk' or 'fine vintage'. This will chill the wine to the perfect temperature whilst not watering it down. Brilliant.

10 of the Best Life Hacks We Found on the Internet
Source: Pixabay

2. Use foam plates to protect ceramic plates

Moving home? Need to protect your valuable plates from breaking during the move? You could individually wrap every single plate in paper or bubble wrap or take advantage of this example of best life hacks.

Nobody has the time or patience to diligently individually wrap each plate so why not use foam plates to help you out:? Stack your plates on top of disposable foam plates to keep them safe during the move.

3. Condom Band-aid protector

We've all been there. You've cut or burned yourself, again, but need to stop the band-aid from getting wet. You could avoid the washing up or use this life hack to protect the band-aid and keep it waterproof.

Take a condom and cut it from the closed end. You can now pull this over the area in question. Bash, bash, bosh your very own homemade band-protector is good to go.

10 of the Best Life Hacks We Found on the Internet
Source: cartman TV via imgur

4. Kitty litter car hack

This is the time of year that humidity in your car can cause no end of headaches for drivers trying to keep their windows clear. You could, of course, keep blasting your air conditioning to solve the problem or use some elbow grease and a cloth. Better yet, why not take advantage of this great little life hack?

Fill a sock with some kitty litter and let its absorbing power solve your in-car humidity problems for you. 'Job done'.

5. Key for coin hack

There is nothing more frustrating than not having any loose change when you need it the most. This could be for a variety of reasons but getting a shopping cart is one of the more annoying ones. 

You could buy a small item to get some change or you could try this great little life hack. Try using a key in place of the coin to unlock the shopping cart instead. We are definitely going to try this one next time we run out of coins.

10 of the Best Life Hacks We Found on the Internet
Source: DIY ZE/Instructables 

6. Spring cable protection

There is a certain brand of mobile device manufacturer who seems to purposefully design their cords to be as fragile as possible. This life hack will let you avoid having to buy a new charger by greatly extending the lifespan of phone and laptop cords.

Simply disassemble a pen, take out the spring and wrap it around your cord. This will add much-needed protection from the ends fraying and save you a pretty penny in the long run. It also looks pretty cool too. Win, win.

10 of the Best Life Hacks We Found on the Internet
Source: Angelica Andersson/SnapGuide

7. Soda can tabs for extra hanging space

Do you have a tiny closet? Perhaps you are a clothes-a-holic? In either case, you're bound to be pushed for space in your wardrobe. You could buy yourself a bigger closet but why spend money when you don't have to.

In future, just remove the tabs from soda cans and use them to increase the amount of clothes hangers you can have per wardrobe.

10 of the Best Life Hacks We Found on the Internet
Source: Idea Bottle

8. Rubberband paint can hack

Here's a great example of best life hacks for those who love to do it themselves.


When it comes to painting stuff you will want to make sure you don't have excess paint on the brush. Not only does this risk dripping everywhere, it can lead to uneven paint application.

You could spend money on a purpose-designed painting accessory or just use a common rubber band. Slide the band around the open paint tin and, hey presto, your very own free excess paint remover. Gently wipe the bottom of the brush against the band each time you dip.

This not only prevents unintended drips but will also keep the paint can's rim nice and clean, making it much easier to close it when finished.

9. Easy pour dressings

Have you just bought some oil or a new dressing? Don't pull the foil cap off just yet. This life hack will let you pour it with ease.

Instead of completely removing the cap, poke holes in it instead. This will stop the bottle contents from pouring out too quickly.

A hack like this will save you money and excess calorie intake. This is a great hack for things like vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol or mineral oil.

10 of the Best Life Hacks We Found on the Internet
Source: Netojinn/Wikimedia Commons

10. Bobby Pin toothpaste hack

Bobby pins aren't just useful for picking locks, though of course, you would never do that, they also have other handy uses. Take this one for example. If you want to get the very last drop of paste out of your tube consider using bobby pins to help you.