10+ of the Best Presentation Software for 2017

Christopher McFadden
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Need to make a neat looking and engaging presentation? Fed up with Microsoft's vanilla PowerPoint? Then you've come to the right place. We've scoured the internet for great presentation software that offers a better and more flexible creator. Here is our list of  10 of the best presentation software for 2017.

10+ of the Best Presentation Software for 2017[Image Source: Flickr]

The following is no particular order and we have tried to cover all platforms. Enjoy.

1. SlideBean

Slidebean is the new kid on the block for presentation software. It is a dynamic program for creating slides for most presentation providers. Their "USP" is the ability of the slides to apparently design themselves. Simply add the content you want and let it do its thing.

OS - IOS and Windows

Advantages - Easy to use and quick to develop presentations with plenty of templates to choose from. Perfect for individuals, students, and teachers.

Disadvantages - Not great for teams and lacks complete customization.

2. Apple Keynote

Long touted as one of the standard bearers in presentation, Keynote is great for MAC users. It is meant to allow presenters to create customizable presentations and comes with 30 themes to get you started. It also has a large stock of photos.

OS - MAC only - boo!

Advantages – You can present on a wide variety of MAC devices, it's easy to share, powerpoint friendly, inexpensive and allows for animation. It is perfect for business owners and individuals.

Disadvantages – As it is MAC only it is template driven and has no slide library.

3. Canva

Canva is self-promoted as "an amazingly easy graphic design software". It lets you create anything from print design to banners and of course presentations. This program has been gaining significant popularity in the last few months, especially after they hired Guy Kawasaki as the Chief Evangelist.

OS - IOS and web-based

Advantages - Has many pre-built elements for quick presentation construction and a beautiful platform

Disadvantages - You need to drag and drop and arrange content, which can be time-consuming.

4. Slides

Slides is a cloud-based presentation program that allows for easy collaboration between team members.

Most Popular

OS - N/A web-based.

Advantages – Fully editable and cloud-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere with a computer. It also comes with analytical tools. The user can incorporate .html and .css. Great for individuals, students, and teachers.

Disadvantages – It may not have as much functionality as other programs.

5. Haiku Deck

This presentation software is a template-based platform. Haiku allows users to create elegant looking presentations, which is always a bonus. Haiku comes packed with 35 million stock photos that can be used within the various slide templates. This software can be thought of as a step between CustomShow and good ol' Powerpoint.

OS - IOS and web-based

Advantages – Easy to use with a fast onboarding process. Great for students, educators and general presenters.

Disadvantages – You cannot edit offline and can't fully customize presentations.

6. Slidedog

Slidedog is more of a presentation launch pad than presentation software. This little monkey takes all your documents, presentations, photos and videos and places them in a playlist. This list can be moved around and presented seamlessly. All you need to do is upload any type of file you want and get started.

OS - Windows and IOS

Advantages – Has a free version. Smooth transitioning, great to share across multiple devices, live polling. This is great for anyone who wants to present more seamlessly across multiple documents and individual presenters.

Disadvantages – Not necessarily great for creating presentations

10+ of the Best Presentation Software for 2017[Image Source: Slidedog]

7. Powtoon

Who doesn't like a good bit of animation to brighten their day? Powtoon is one of the leaders in the DIY presentation animation space. This little beauty allows users to create presentation and videos that are animated, engaging and, of course, interesting. Not that tricky to learn to use, this software is a breath of fresh air to those looking for a unique presentation.

OS - Web-based

Advantages – Ease of use, truly customizable animated presentations. Great for educators, businesses (for service/product videos), small business professionals and trainers.

Disadvantages – May is not suitable for live presentations, but you'll need to judge your audience. Worked for Jurassic Park, didn't it?

10+ of the Best Presentation Software for 2017[Image Source: Powtoon]

8. Prezi

Prezi is the mothership of Powerpoint alternatives and has been around for years. They have decided to make a stronger push for the business market in recent years. Lots of companies already use Prezi for one-off presentations. These include conference keynote talks, town hall talks, and investor pitches. The business version is targeted at repeated presentations of sales and marketing teams.

OS - Windows, IOS, and web-based

Advantages – Great for collaboration and teams. Perfect for medium-sized companies and sales teams.

Disadvantages – Very template is driven, hard to edit by non-designers and not easy to repurpose content.

9. Wink

Wink is primarily a presentation and tutorial creation software. It is primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like MS office for example). This software lets you capture screenshots, add explanation boxes, buttons, titles and much more. You can generate highly effective tutorials for any new learners.

OS - Windows and Linux

Advantages – Free, multilingual, has good support. It is perfect for individuals, small businesses as it allows you to create simple animated software demonstrations.

Disadvantages – No ‘undo’ feature, audio compatibility issues.

10. Qwilr

Qwilr is another great presentation app. It allows you to embed spreadsheets, videos, Slideshare presentations and more to make the perfect proposal for your business, products, and services.

You can even include interactive quotes so clients can get see how much a final product would be with their desired add-ons (if any). 

It's web-based and comes with a handy notification feature to let you know when clients view and interact with your proposal.

OS - Online/Web-based

Advantages – It is perfect for individuals and small businesses to automate some of your sales process and team collaboration.

Disadvantages – Some users report issues with mobile devices. Also adding and removing users is not intuitive.

Linux only from here on in

In the interest of fairness, the last one the list is for Linux users only, if any of you are reading you're welcome.

OK, OK I know it's a Unix system, not a Linux,  you try to find a funny clip about Linux, go on I dare you!

11. Reveal.js

Reveal is a great framework that lets you code very nice presentations. It can be thought of as a bootstrap for slides. It does require coding skills to build your decks, but then you are a Linux user so no problem right? The instructions are rather simple so as long as you have basic .html coding skills you'll do fine.

OS - Linux, obviously

Advantages - Fully customizable. Great for anyone who does have coding skills to produce unique presentations.

Disadvantages - Need to have some basic coding skills.

The end.

We do hope you enjoyed our list of ten great presentation programs for you to consider in 2017. Have we missed any out? What would you recommend?

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