10 of the World's Most Incredible Homes

If you are toying with the idea of building your own home, here are 10 incredible homes to inspire you.
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If you have ever dreamt of building your own home, the process is both incredibly rewarding and challenging in equal measures. With that in mind, here are 10 incredible homes from around the world to help inspire you.

Here we will also help to address some other commonly asked questions on the subject of building a new home. 


How do you build a house on a tight budget?

There are quite a few guides online to assist you in your home-building endeavors, but accidentalhippies.com can help you do it with a minimal amount of cash. According to this creative website, there are some basic things to think about in order to keep your expenditure as low as possible. 

These considerations include: 

1. Build small - The smaller your ambitions for your new build, the cheaper (in theory) it should be. Being smaller, fewer materials and land are required. The completed building should also be cheaper to run and maintain over time.

2. Use reclaimed materials - Where possible try to use as many reclaimed building materials as possible. Of course, you may need new materials for critical elements like any structural features, etc. 

3. Try your luck - Wherever possible try to get materials and labor for free! Ask family to help or just 'try your luck' to get some free stuff. 

4. Build as natural as possible - If at all possible, try to use natural materials to help save some money (not to mention the environment). For example, you could consider materials like cordwood.

5. Do it yourself! - Try to do as much of the work as you possibly can. This will help you save a ton of money and also help you to learn new skills. Of course, you must always make sure your building is built safely and in compliance with relevant building codes as well. 

How cheaply can you build a house?

According to sites like PlanSwift, typical new build costs in the U.S. can be quite expensive.

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Source: sturti/iStock

"An average 1,500 square foot home is estimated to cost around $600,000 if it’s built on a $150,000 lot. In the San Francisco Bay area, it costs $250-$300 per square foot for new residential construction adding $450,000 to the 1,500 square foot house. The Bay area adds another $150,000to $1,500,000 to the overall cost for building lots. This option isn’t affordable to anyone unable to support a $1 million+ mortgage." 

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Of course, this entirely depends on the size and scope of your new home. It is usually good practice to get at least three quotes from building contractors to help you gauge where you can make some savings.

How long does it take to build a container home?

Building a container home entails much the same process as building a more traditional construction. However, by using old shipping containers you can "cut a few corners," so to speak.

However, according to sites like discovercontainers.com, there are some things you should bear in mind before undertaking this kind of project. 

new build shipping container
Source: Houzz

Consider these crucial things before you build a container home:

1. Plan! - Like any building project, make sure you have a set plan before beginning. Always seek advice from people who have done something similar too.

2. Avoid simple mistakes - "One of the most common mistakes made is removing excessive amounts of steel from the containers. This mistake is sometimes made because the owner has not properly planned the build."

3. Which container to choose? - One of the largest costs for this kind of project is actually purchasing a shipping container. So make sure you do your research before settling on one. How big do you need? Do you want a new or used one? 

4. Choose where to spend your money - Never skimp on costs that are absolutely necessary but be more flexible with things that can be negotiated. For example, the actual container(s) themselves come in a variety of price points. 

5. Don't forget to salvage stuff - Much like we have already mentioned, try to save some money by salvaging stuff whenever and wherever you can. You'll be amazed at what you can get your hands on for free. 

If all of this sounds like too much work, you could always consider buying a ready-made one.

Ten examples of incredible homes

So, without further ado, here are ten examples of incredible homes from around the world. 

1. Check out this fairytale farmhouse in England

incredible homes dragon barn
Source: bellegrovebarns

Costing an eye-watering £250,000 ($350K), Belle Grove Farmhouse (aka 'Dragon House') in England is one incredible home. It was designed without the input of an architect and was finally completed in 2011.

This home took a total of 4 years to complete from start to finish. 

2. Braylsham Castle looks hundreds of years old

Built by John and Jo Mew, you could be forgiven for thinking Braylsham Castle was genuinely ancient. In fact, this replica Tudor house was actually completed in 2001.

It is truly stunning and very faithful to buildings of the period-style. 

3. The Scottish Baronial Castle is actually a new build

While this amazing home looks like it is hundreds of years old, it was actually only completed about a decade ago. It was designed and built by Border Design Centre's Ian Scott Watson for John and Sarah Cullen and integrated some surviving features from an earlier stately home on the site.

It cost around £950,000 ($1.3 million) to build.

4. Nannup Holiday House, Australia is very modern

Nannup Holiday House in Nanny, Australia, was designed and built by Iredale and Pedersen Hook Architects. Construction on this incredible home was completed in 2013. 

5. Jungle House, Sao Paulo, Brazil has its own jungle

Designed and built by Studio MK27, The Jungle House in Brazil is truly stunning. Its total internal area is just over 800 m2, and construction was completed in 2015. 

Literally built within the surrounding jungle, this home has unrivaled seclusion and privacy.

6. 33 Holland Park, Singapore is truly stunning

33 Holland Park in Singapore is another example of an incredible home. It was built in 2013, stretches over 2000 m2, and was designed and built by Studio Milou Architecture. 

7. Keeper's House and Lodge, Tipperary, Ireland is very minimalistic

incredible homes keepers house
Source: Scott Tallon Walker Architects

Designed by Scott Tallon Walker Architects, Keeper's House and Lodge in Ireland is a stunningly beautiful home. According to the architect's website, "the brief proposed a low energy design, maximizing visibility, connectivity, and enjoyment of the natural habitat as project criteria."

8. Villa Marittima, St. Andrews Beach, Australia has a view to die for

incredible homes villa marittima
Source: Robin Williams Architect

Villa Marittima in Australia looks like something out of a sci-fi film. Designed and built by Robin Williams Architect, it probably has one of the best views in the world. 

It embodies the very definition of the term minimalistic and was completed in 2014.

9. Konieczny's Ark, Brenna, Poland is very unique

Konieczny's Ark in Poland was designed and built by Robert Konieczny and is one of the most unique homes in the world. It has an internal floor area of about 140 m2 and was completed in 2015. 

10. K Valley House, Thames, New Zealand is a wonderful retreat

incredible homes k valley
Source: Pinterest

K Valley House in New Zealand is another mindblowing home. It was designed and built by Herbst Architects and was erected in 2015. 

Situated within its own 20-hectare farm, this incredible home is used as a scenic retreat by its film-making owners. 

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