10 Secret Santa gifts that don't actually suck

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It's that time of year again where we are all out buying and making gifts for family and friends and workplaces and clubs are doing Secret Santa. With all the busyness and rush at this time of year we want to make it easy for you to sort out your Secret Santa by presenting 10 gifts that don't actually suck (Oh, and they are all sourced from independent sellers on Etsy).

1. Cookie Monster Milk and Cookies mug

enhanced-30970-1417639046-17[Image Source: In A Glaze / Via etsy.com]

The perfect way to free up a hand if you want biscuits with your milk or tea. Oh sorry not biscuits we meant, "coooookieeeeeeeee."

2. Mini Pallet Coasters

[Image Source: Howeils Fired Coffee / Via etsy.com]

And what better to protect the table from your new mug than with a pallet coaster.
Note: No mini-forklift required.

3. Chocolate Gun

enhanced-22245-1417533374-39[Image Source: Soap Weapons / Via etsy.com]

Complete with carry case, this chocolate gun will have your hands up... near your mouth.

4. Secret Flask Book

enhanced-20097-1417901022-10[Image Source: Secret Safe Books / Via etsy.com]

Perfect for keeping those prying hands off your stash.

5. Wooden LCD Clock

enhanced-23214-1417623973-21[Image Source: Enjoy Times / Via etsy.com]

A timely gift with a stunning minimalistic design. Does exactly what it's supposed to do... tell the time.

6. Letterpress Desk Calendar

Most desk calendars litter desks but this would sit beautifully on any desk. Don't you just want to run your fingers over it.

7. Dual Beer Glass

enhanced-18807-1417621283-13[Image Source: Pretentious Beer Glass / Via etsy.com]

One for the pretentious beer drinker who likes to sample and compare different brews.

8. Unique Phone Cases

enhanced-6169-1417570795-11[Image Source: Crafic / Via etsy.com]

With everyone sporting the same phones these day what better to personalise your phone than with a unique custom case.

9. Dust Plugs

enhanced-15008-1417551683-14[Image Source: MILANDIY / Via etsy.com]

Another way to personalise your device that also doubles up as a dust plug, keeping your audio jack free from any unwanted particles.

10. Parking 'Tickets' 

enhanced-1127-1417659374-1[Image Source: FlytrapOnE / Via etsy.com]

Ever wanted to tell that person what an awful parker they are but didn't have the time to wait around. Well now you can leave them a quick and quirky note to get your point across.

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